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PRIMAL® Brilliant Collection

Elevate your natural eye colour from our Primal line of semi-opaque contact lenses. This allows the wearer to achieve a vivid and beautiful look.

PRIMAL® Sunrise Jade $34.95
PRIMAL® Sunrise Ash $34.95
PRIMAL® Enchanted Chestnut Sold Out
PRIMAL® Enchanted Azure $34.95
PRIMAL® Charm Sapphire $34.95
PRIMAL® Enchanted Lilac $34.95
PRIMAL® Aurora Jade $34.95
PRIMAL® Sunset Ocean $34.95
PRIMAL® Sunrise Sapphire $34.95
PRIMAL® Charm Lilac $34.95
PRIMAL® Moonlight Jade $34.95
PRIMAL® Charm Pearl Ash $34.95
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