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Aqua colored contact lenses are undoubtedly a popular choice for anyone to decorate their eyes. The oceanic pigments are perfect for making your eyes appear vibrant and adding a dimension of depth.

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Aqua colored contact lenses are undoubtedly a popular choice for anyone to decorate their eyes. The oceanic pigments are perfect for making your eyes appear vibrant and adding a dimension of depth.

A single glance from your aqua-colored eyes is enough to leave a lasting impression on anyone around you. These lenses color your eyes with a bright aqua tint and improve your natural eye color.

Our aqua contacts come in all sorts of multicolored designs and creative styles, which makes them highly versatile. They’re the perfect accessory to create a stunning new look for yourself while maintaining the natural beauty of your eyes.

Aqua contact lenses are trendy because they allow you to achieve a beautiful shade of naturally vibrant eyes that you can’t achieve with another colored lens. They’re the perfect accessory to take your style up a notch and separate yourself from the crowd.

Our selection of aqua lenses is designed to provide unmatched comfort, allowing you to exhibit your style without discomfort. We also create prescription aqua contact lenses with corrective lenses, so you don’t have to decide between clear vision and modern style.

Aqua contact lenses provide an ideal combination of natural, comfortable, and stylish contacts, whether you choose a subtle turquoise shade for a seamless aesthetic or a multicolored lens for a striking look.

The lighter shades of aqua lenses are the perfect lenses for people with naturally darker eyes. The subtle deep ocean tones blend perfectly and give your eyes a needed vibrant touch.

Aside from everyday use, aqua contacts are also perfect for adding finish touches to your cosplay costume. Pair these with an aqua-themed outfit and hairstyle to create a spellbinding aesthetic.

Most of all, aqua contacts are designed to complement your eyes. Our lenses are comfortable and ensure the safety of your eyes. They don’t just look good but feel good as well.

High-Quality and FDA-approved Aqua Contacts

Primal Contact Lenses is the one-stop for fashionists and cosplay enthusiasts. We continually create creatively striking designs that our customers love for their superior color clarity, lasting pigments, and comfort that last throughout the day.

We pride ourselves in our high-quality contact lenses. All our contacts are made with the highest quality materials and are approved by the FDA, so you can be absolutely sure about the safety of our products and use them with complete comfort.

While plain contact lenses are good if you’re planning to make a seamless transformation, multi-tone contact lenses are necessary if you want to create a completely unique and captivating look.

  • One-tone Aqua Contacts – The one-tone aqua contact lenses feature an opaque oceanic shade and are available in varying opacities from subtle to solid opaque.
  • Two-tone Aqua Contacts – The two-tone aqua lenses are easily one of the most wanted blue shades. The Celestial Ocean lenses are available with prominent outer rings and mixed brown overtones to blend seamlessly with naturally darker eyes.
  • Three-tone Aqua Contacts – Our three-tone contact lenses are designed by experts and created with utmost precision to offer a perfect blend of colors, our Delightful Azure feature beautiful oceanic textures with ash tones radiating from the inside to the dark limbal ring.

The multicolored designs of aqua lenses make them an extremely clever choice for people who want to show their creativity with unique styles.

Regardless of whether you’re looking for a subtle one-tone lens or a creatively designed multicolored lens with unique effects, you’ll easily find the perfect shade to showcase your style.

Our collection of aqua contact lenses is designed with comfort and convenience in mind. These contacts last long and provide unmatched vibrancy with sleek designs.

Additionally, Lens Care is an essential aspect of owning colored contacts. It is necessary to follow proper guidelines when handling your contacts, including cleaning them with proper solutions and taking care of your personal hygiene.

Always store your colored contacts in a lens case to maximize their lifespan and maintain better color clarity after each use. Our pair of aqua contacts will last you 90 days usage with an average 5-year shelf life.

Aqua Contact Lenses are good for Halloween

Aqua contact lenses can be a great way to add a special touch to any Halloween costume. The powerful aqua hues are perfect for recreating the looks of some of the most iconic fictional characters, so you can be the party's highlight.

Aqua contacts can easily liven up any costume with eye-catching color clarity. These lenses can make your eyes appear vibrant and expressive, which is perfect for a Halloween dress-up.

Aqua lenses are the perfect accessory for any Halloween costume if you want to make your eyes appear more vibrant while maintaining the natural appeal, aqua contacts offer an oceanic tint to your naturally darker eyes and give them a magical charm.

Aqua contacts are available in various colors so you can control your eyes completely, ranging from a subtle blue tint to an utterly opaque gaze that can add true mystery.

With the selective multicolored aqua lenses, you can easily outshine everyone with stunning eyes. The multicolored aqua contacts can give your eyes a complete makeover while enhancing your natural beauty.

Our aqua contacts offer more depth and intensity compared to most other colored contacts, these lenses aren’t just a great addition to your Halloween costume, but also look incredibly fashionable for an everyday look.

The wide variety of our aqua lenses makes it so you can find contact lenses with the exact level of intensity that will help you look your absolute best.

Our aqua contact lenses are available in prescription and non-prescription versions. The corrective lenses of these aqua contacts allow you to style your eyes with vibrant lenses while keeping a clear vision.

Aqua contact lenses can be used to add a perfect finishing touch to your Halloween costume, the creatively designed costume contacts make it so can appear completely unique.

Aqua colored contacts blend perfectly with the striking designs of popular cosplay characters, making them an ideal choice for having a perfect cosplay that will surely make you look amazing.

Aside from creating scary Halloween costumes, aqua contacts are trendy among anime cosplayers as well, there are attractive characters with gleaming aqua eyes, and a complete blue ensemble.

The aqua-colored contacts are available in a range of shades and multicolored designs to add a magical touch to any costume. They also brighten and enhance your natural eye color for an ultra-natural look to complete your cosplay transformation.

Aqua lenses are easy to incorporate into your style. There are many unique anime characters with captivating oceanic eyes that will be perfect for your next cosplay. No other shade can match the beautiful aesthetic of aqua lenses while enhancing your natural beauty.

In the competitive world of cosplay, we understand how important it is to stay ahead of everyone else. That’s why we continually create character-specific costume contacts, so you don’t have to settle for anything less than the best.

Additionally, any cosplayer who goes the extra mile to perfect their cosplay costume with proper eye contact is immediately considered a professional in the community. It’s a quick way to make a name for yourself, not just with your fantastic costume but also with your eyes.

Aqua Contact Lenses are popular

Aqua contact lenses are the perfect shade to include in your style. These lenses are becoming increasingly popular because of their incredible color clarity and the ability to blend seamlessly with most natural eye colors.

Our aqua contacts come in various shades and intensities, allowing you to take complete control over how others perceive you. You can choose a shade according to your mood.

Colored contacts generally have the ability to create a lasting impression on those around you, and aqua lenses are perfect for a day on the beach or are it a pool party, the simple and subtle aqua hues let you express your unique style.

Aqua lenses have a more natural appeal than any other colored contact shade. The bold tones give your eyes a vibrant color, instantly adding a dimension of trendiness to any look.

Additionally, aqua contact lenses are highly versatile with the amount of variety they have, you can find a shade with many multicolored designs and with varying opacities to help you achieve a completely unique look. 

Aqua lenses are by far the most realistic shade to include in your everyday look. These blend perfectly with naturally darker eyes and transform your eyes beautifully with bright oceanic overtones.

Aqua colored contact lenses are also an essential accessory for costume enthusiasts who are trying to create feminine cosplay for an event, these lenses let you express your inner Hatsune Miku with a boost of confidence.

Whether you’re trying to recreate a popular look of a fictional character or an everyday look, aqua lenses enhance the beauty of your eyes while still maintaining a natural appearance.

Additionally, our aqua contact lenses are available in prescription versions so you can maintain your clear vision with the bonus of oceanic overtones. Nothing stops you from bringing out your inner self.

Why should you buy our Aqua Colored Contacts?

Our aqua colored contacts are the perfect way to stand out and stylishly express yourself. Our lenses offer superior color clarity and vibrant shades that last long.

Aqua contacts feature bright oceanic overtones in various eye-catching multicolored designs without being too overwhelming. They’re perfect for cosplay events or parties by the beach.

Above all else, our aqua contact lenses provide unmatched comfort and protection for your eyes, so you can confidently show off your style.

Unlike most colored contact lenses that completely recolor your eyes with a bright tint, aqua contacts have much softer pigments. They are better used in multicolored designs if you want to create a captivating style.

We offer a variety of creatively designed multicolored lenses, from subtle aqua shades with varying opacity and intensity to powerful blue opaque, so browse our collection and find the exact lens for your next look.

Turquoise Contacts

Turquoise contacts offer a unique blend of blue and green oceanic overtones, perfect for keeping the natural appeal of your eyes with a subtle, vibrant tint of blue-ish green color.

Turquoise contact lenses are available in a wide selection of multicolored tones and creative designs that aren’t just catchy but add a dimension of realism to any look.

Turquoise contact lenses offer unique hues and better color clarity that complement your complexion and stand out from other colored lenses, perfectly enhancing your natural beauty.

Turquoise contact lenses provide a seamless fit with your natural eye color. They are available in both prescription and non-prescription lenses, so you can decorate your eyes with oceanic pigments without holding back.

Blue Contacts

Unlike aqua and turquoise contacts that feature natural-looking pigments that blend seamlessly with your eyes, blue contacts are bold with intense tones that can take over your natural eye color and completely recreate your eyes with bright blue color.

However, the blue contact lenses are also available in various shades with varying opacities and intensity to add just enough color to make your eyes unique while keeping the natural charm.

Blue contact lenses are trendy among creative individuals. Blue lenses add a youthful aesthetic to your look and make an unforgettable impression.

Our blue contacts are also available in creatively-designed multicolored shades that will give you a unique look, so you can be confident in your style.

Why are Aqua-Colored Contacts perfect for you?

Aqua colored contact lenses are the perfect way to make your eyes pop with a bright color that still feels realistic with your natural eye color, especially if you love the ocean.

The wide assortment of these contact lenses allows you to find the perfect match that gives just enough color to make your eyes feel unique but not so much that they feel unreal.

Above all else, our aqua-colored contact lenses provide superior comfort and complete safety for your eyes, so you can flaunt your new look without worrying about discomfort.

The transformation you achieve from wearing the aqua contact lenses is sure to help you get noticed. It certainly adds a wow factor to your fashionista style.

Aqua eye lenses are the perfect way to enhance the look of your eyes without overdoing it. The unique formula of aqua contacts adds an enhanced shading depth, allowing them to complement your existing eye color.

The multicolored aqua lenses are specially designed to be worn with naturally dark and brown eyes. They offer a seamless blend with darker eyes and make them appear vibrant with gentle aqua hues.

Aqua lenses allow you to stand out among the crowd while maintaining a subtle and natural look. You can even spice up your look with makeup to highlight your enchanting eyes.

There’s no denying that aqua-colored contacts provide superior color clarity and create an iridescent effect that makes your eyes appear more colorful.

Furthermore, our contact lenses are available in various multicolored shades with prescription and non-prescription versions so you can maintain your clear eyesight with the added color clarity.

Aqua Contacts look fabulous no matter what kind of eyeshadow you prefer or how intense your eyeliner style is. You can easily incorporate these contacts in your cosplays or costume edits for a special touch.


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''these contacts are seriously amazing and i would totally recommend them, i wore them for 7 hours at a convention 2 days in a row and my eyes barely hurt after and the vision in them was amazing, i am definitely buying from this brand again :)''

Elizabeth F.

These were amazing for a soft subtle effect nothing drastic. Very comfortable to wear. Always impressed by Primal’s contact.

Aaron T. 

I normally don't care for directional lenses like these because they often don't sit properly and get a little wonky after awhile, but these ones stayed perfectly in place - not sure if that was just good luck or good design, either way I really liked how they looked.

Fox H. 

Loved them. Super comfortable and really made the look.

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I LOVED these lenses. I could see out of them perfectly with really no problems. They felt comfortable enough for me to wear them all day. They arrived so quickly. I was very impressed. Thank you!

Kimberley P.