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Hazel is among the most desired eye colors in the world. The sheer variety of hazel lenses makes it one of the most wanted pairs of contacts, plus the multicolored designs allow you to create whichever fashionabl... More

Hazel is among the most desired eye colors in the world. The sheer variety of hazel lenses makes it one of the most wanted pairs of contacts, plus the multicolored designs allow you to create whichever fashionable look you desire.

The beauty of our hazel lenses is they add a subtle shimmer to your eyes in seconds and allow you to express your individuality.

Aside from the overall design, our contacts offer quality and comfort so you can look great all day long without feeling any sort of irritation or dryness in your eyes.

If you're someone new who wants to jump the trend of having shimmering smokey eyes or a professional trying to experiment with a new look, hazel contacts should always be your first choice.

The luscious textures of hazel contacts instantly make you significantly more attractive, perfect for a formal celebration party or an important meeting with friends; they add personality and class to your style.

Our ultra-thin contacts offer unobstructed and clear vision without sacrificing comfort and giving you a great overall experience. Even the multi-shade hazel contacts maintain your vision.

While hazel contacts are perfectly designed to go well naturally with dark or dark-brown eyes, the variety of multicolored shades allows you to pair these with your look regardless of your natural eye color.

The hazel tones add depth and light to make you appear sharp and give a striking appearance. Hazel tint is more often used to even out the eye color difference for those with different colored eyes.

Now that you know what makes hazel contacts vastly superior to any other shades of colored contacts, browse our wide selection of creatively designed colored contacts with multi-tones.

High-Quality Hazel Colored Contacts

Something that separates Primal Contact Lenses from other contact lens companies is we create contacts that fit a person's self-image they want to portray. Our lenses are built for long-term use to provide comfort and convenience to the wearer.

Our hazel contact lenses are manufactured with superior quality materials without the use of any harmful chemicals to ensure safety and reliability.

Above all else, our hazel lenses are FDA-approved, and the level of comfort is unmatched by anyone in the industry. Our customers love the products and use them regularly.

Aside from our natural selection of hazel-colored contacts, we also manufacture high-quality costume contacts for some of the most popular mythical and fictional characters in the entertainment industry.

Creating fascinating multi-tone contact lenses is our specialty. We aim to create utterly unique contact lenses with a level of quality unmatched by any other store.

See below why our multi-tone hazel contacts are considered the most creative and uniquely designed. We feature these contacts with different limbal ring designs, from seamless to bold.

  • One-tone hazel contacts – our single-tone hazel contacts come in various styles and multiple levels of opacity to highlight just the right amount of color for that perfect look.
  • Two-tone hazel contacts – our most wanted two-tone hazel contacts feature Twilight Hazel brown contacts with a seamless darker outer ring that blends perfectly with the overall brown shade.
  • Triple-tone hazel contacts – three-tone contacts are where things get magical. These contacts go through several rounds of design improvements, and every pair is designed with an immense level of detail for that impeccable charm.

Our wide selection of multi-tone hazel-colored contacts is the perfect accessory to incorporate into your style, perfect for creating a captivating everyday look or adding a creative flair to your cosplay costume.

One of the most important aspects of owning contact lenses is lens care. It is necessary to regularly clean your contacts before and after each use with proper solutions to maintain longevity and avoid irritation.

With proper care and regular use, our high-quality colored contacts will last you a minimum of 90 days with a 5-year shelf life.

Hazel Contacts for Halloween and Anime Cosplay

Hazel contact lenses are a great way to perfect your Halloween look this year. The light colors of the hazel contacts make them perfect for bringing a hint of realism to your character.

The beauty of hazel contacts is how they blend seamlessly with most hair colors. The multicolored shades definitely make it easy and stress-free for you to achieve any costume look you choose.

Whether you're dressing up as a zombie character or another creature of the night, hazel contacts will help make your eye color deathly and ghoulish tones without being overly obvious or tacky.

With Hazel contacts for Halloween, there is no limit to your creativity. You can dress up as whatever character your heart desires and pull it off incredibly well.

Hazel contacts surround your characters in an atmosphere of mystery. The extensive variety of hazel contacts allows you to create whatever look you want.

You can create your vampire ensemble with hazel and amber contacts or dress up as an elf with enchanting hazel-green contacts.

Whether you're looking to enhance your already finished costume with a few finishing touches or if you're still deciding on your character, the extensive shades of hazel contacts can help you decide on your next look.

Aside from the fact these contact lenses come in a wide array of colors, they also offer comfort and convenience for all-night wear.

Hazel contacts are the perfect choice for those who aren't comfortable wearing colored contacts. These contacts have a lighter hue that doesn't cancel out your natural color but instead highlights it.

While colored contacts are always in demand during Halloween, anime cosplayers know how important it is to use contact lenses to make a spellbinding appearance that'll leave the fans wanting more.

Hazel contacts are an excellent addition for anyone looking to get into anime cosplays. Not only do these allow you to recreate one of the thousands of fantastic anime characters with hazel eyes, but the subtly varied colors allow you to experiment with your look.

Using contacts for your anime cosplays is the perfect way to make a name for yourself in cosplay communities. If your costume is perfect, then using colored contacts for the final touches only makes sense.

And if you're looking to flaunt your newly created look, various cosplay events are happening all around the world, and making an impression there will not only make you a hit but will quickly start your career.

Finding a contact lens that features the exact details you are trying to recreate is always tricky; that's why we also create Costume Contacts for characters so you can capture the essence of your favorite character.

Hazel Contact Lenses Are Popular

Hazel contacts are fast becoming a must-have fashion accessory for people around the world, and the slightly colored hues help to make your eyes appear bright and make you stand out in a crowd.

Hazel eyes are unique, and many people around the world consider these to be particularly beautiful.

The real beauty of these hazel contacts is how they can capture the different hues of hazel eyes, from golden amber to dark hazel, with a hint of green and blue colors to give you a choice to find what works for you.

We create colored contacts designed to give the user an attractive look and provide comfort for a long time. Our hazel lenses are also available in Prescription Versions that give clear and unrestricted vision.

Our Natural Hazel Contacts make it easy to achieve the perfect eye color and skin tone blends with that extra bit of magic, something you can't match with any other color.

Whether you're trying to temporarily add depth and charm to your eyes for an occasion or searching for a more permanent shift in your eye color, there is nothing better than to incorporate hazel lenses in your everyday look.

Hazel contacts are becoming increasingly popular due to their ability to subtly enhance the color of your eyes without having an overly dramatic effect.

Hazel lenses are becoming a wardrobe staple amongst the most stylish of us, and you can easily incorporate these lenses into your style regardless of what natural-colored eyes you have.

The hazel lenses add a colored layer of your most desired color while highlighting your natural eyes with a bright overtone that makes you appear sharp and confident.

Hazel contacts require very little commitment compared to other sharp-colored contacts, as these can seamlessly blend within your eyes to make them appear natural.

And that makes hazel contacts the perfect choice for first-time wearers who can't decide what color suits them the best. The multicolored tones of hazel lenses will help them figure that out.

Why Buy Our Hazel Contacts?

We offer a wide variety of hazel-colored contacts that are ideal for enhancing your natural eye color as they provide a subtle hue of your desired color to your iris while still maintaining your natural appeal.

Our pair of hazel contacts features a diverse range of colors with multicolored hues, unique designs, and types of limbal rings for you to choose from so you can create an entirely different look for every occasion.

Our hazel-colored contacts are rich in color and feature vibrant, brilliant shades that seamlessly blend with your natural colors, negating the dark tones and filling your eyes with brighter shades.

Above all else, our contacts are made with comfort and convenience in mind. Our customers love these lenses because they can wear them throughout their day without feeling uneasy.

Pure Hazel contacts

Pure hazel contacts give your eyes a smokey texture that significantly boosts the level of your overall look. These contacts go well with dark brown as these can quickly negate the dark textures and give them a brighter shade.

These pure hazel lenses are widely used by professionals as these are available in multicolored tones, featuring completely unique limbal ring designs to give your eyes a sharp texture.

You can easily find the perfect lens that suits your look and compliments your complexion, as hazel contacts go well with most skin tones, and you can further use makeup to create a stunning look.

Pure Hazel contacts give you subtle, elegant, natural colors while ensuring you get the attention you deserve!

Hazel brown contacts

Hazel brown contact lenses are an attractive way to accentuate your natural brown eyes. These lenses make your eyes appear bright while highlighting your natural brown colors.

Hazel contacts are the perfect choice for anyone looking to preserve and highlight the natural beauty of their eyes. Brown hazel lenses revamp your eyes with a brighter overtone.

You can even experiment with your look as these hazel brown shades come in various opacities, so you precisely achieve your desired look.

Whether you just want to give yourself a subtle makeover or completely change your eye color for that unique sparkle, hazel-brown contacts are the perfect solution.

If you're looking for the perfect way to switch things up and reinvent yourself - Hazel brown contact lenses will be sure to do just that!

Hazel green contacts

Green eyes are considered enchanting and mysterious; people born with naturally green eyes have an aura of mystery, and the best way to achieve that look is to incorporate hazel green contacts in your style.

Unlike pure green contacts that negate your natural eye color and completely revamp your look, you could try our hazel green contacts that perfectly blend your naturally brown eyes while giving you a tint of green shade.

Green shades are trendy due to their ability to take an outfit from drab to fab in an instant. People use these hazel green lenses to maintain the natural appeal and leave an impeccable first impression.

So, if you're looking for a somewhat subtle but impactful change in your overall appearance, hazel-green lenses are the way to go.

Hazel blue contacts

Blue eyes are considered a sign of youthfulness, not to mention they give a fresh look you can never have any other way. If you're looking to create a unique look of your own, hazel blue contacts are right for you.

People born with naturally blue eyes have this youthful energy that pulls people close to them, and if you have the physique to go along with it. There is no limit to how much you can improve your overall look.

However, unlike the pure blue contacts that completely recreate your eyes' natural beauty with a shade of blue, hazel blue contacts blend well with brown and black eyes and add a subtle hue of blue.

Are Hazel Colored Contacts right for you?

The multicolored hazel contacts allow you to create whatever look you are passionate about, be it a strangely enchanting look with green eyes or a captivating, youthful look with blue eyes. There is hardly a reason for you not to try hazel-colored contacts.

Depending on your level of creativity, you can create any look that you want for yourself. The specialty of hazel contacts is they blend very well with your natural eye color, and our colored contacts let you bring a bit of color to make it more exciting.

The wide selection of hazel contacts makes it so there is something for everyone who wants to try these on. You can easily find a shade that matches and compliments your natural skin tone.

Aside from the apparent advantages hazel lenses give, we specially create multicolored hazel contacts with unique and intricate designs for those who love experimenting with their look. Our multi-tone colored contacts are known for creating a mesmerizing appearance.

However, picking the right shade of contact can be difficult sometimes. It takes time to understand what goes well with your natural eye color and what shades compliment your skin tone.

However, that's where hazel contacts play a significant role because no matter what shade you decide on, it would generally appear suitable regardless of your natural traits.

Hazel contacts are perfect for everyday wear. The bright shades hardly temper your natural eye color and only bring out the depth and richness of your genuine gaze.


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