Collection: White Colored contacts for Halloween & Cosplay

White contacts have a strong aesthetic necessary for an epic, scary transformation. These are an intense shade of lenses, and it's better to use them for Halloween and cosplay events to showcase your costume.More

White contacts have a strong aesthetic necessary for an epic, scary transformation. These are an intense shade of lenses, and it's better to use them for Halloween and cosplay events to showcase your costume.

White contacts are ideal for creating an impressive costume that will make everyone look at you twice. Our multicolored white lenses are perfect for creating all sorts of unusual looks.

White contacts are an obvious way to drastically increase any outfit's appeal. It certainly adds a wow factor and gives you an edge that regular contacts cannot provide. You can even make it more extravagant with makeup.

The white contact lenses offer more vibrant shades and creative designs that are perfect for making your eyes appear mysterious and striking. We feature all sorts of white contacts, from white sclera to blind White.

Additionally, there are lots of unique white contacts with clever pupil designs, especially the cat-eye contacts with their slit eye designs or demon-eye contacts with extreme slit contacts.

White contact lenses have a supernatural appeal, making them a top choice among influencers and cosplayers. They're perfect for grabbing attention.

Our selection of white contact lenses is known for the creativity and quality of our designs. Our lenses offer high-quality pigments and comfort that last more extended hours.

One of the best ways to highlight your white contact lenses is to include them in your cosplay and use a variety of makeup variations around your white eyes to see what makes them pop.

High-quality and FDA-approved White Contacts

Primal Contact Lenses isn't just known for the creative variety of colored contacts but also for the highest quality lenses that provide incredible color vibrancy, lasting pigments, and superior color clarity with complete protection of your eyes.

All of our contacts are created by the highest quality standards and are approved by the FDA, so you can be absolutely sure about the safety of our contacts and wear them every day.

There's no denying that white contacts are an excellent choice to draw attention to your eyes, and the variety of our multi-tone white contacts is sure to help you customize your look the way you see fit.

We are always one step ahead of the current trends, allowing our customers to stay ahead of everyone else when it comes to creating a cosplay of the most trendy fictional characters with the exact pair of eyes to make others envious.

  • One-tone White Contacts – The one-tone Zombie II white contacts are available in an opaque lens that completely covers the iris and provides a more prominent limbal ring. These lenses are available in creative designs, including slits and other special effects.
  • Two-tone White Contacts – The aesthetic of two-tone white contacts is absolutely necessary for creating an incredibly terrifying or accurate look. Especially our White Walker I contacts, which are perfect for cosplaying as the white walkers from Game of Thrones as they provide a daunting whirlwind effect, which is ideal for a conjured illusion.
  • Three-tone White Contacts – The three-tone white contacts offer powerful color combinations for a highly overpowering aesthetic. These lenses are designed by experts and provide a tantalizing blend of color. Our Wraith II contact lens offers an opaque white background with red veiny textures.

The multicolored designs of white contact lenses are necessary for creating a hauntingly scary-looking style. The different colored styles allow you to go wild with your creativity.

Our contacts provide more color clarity, sleek designs, and unmatched comfort, allowing you to wear these contacts throughout the day without feeling any irritation or worry about damaging your eye.

However, one of the most important aspects of owning colored contacts is lens care, always following the proper guidelines and wearing instructions when handling your contacts, such as keeping them in an enclosed container and cleaning them with appropriate solutions after each use.

It is recommended not to use Primal Contact Lenses for more than three months. On average, our contacts will last 90 days of usage and a 5-year shelf life.

Why White Contacts are good for Halloween

White contact lenses are the perfect way to add a terrifying touch to any Halloween costume. There isn't another colored lens that can match the spooky edge of white contacts.

Whether you want to dress up as a spooky ghoul, eerie ghost, or the infamous White Walkers from the popular TV series, white contacts are the perfect way to finalize your costume with an extra kick of authenticity in just seconds.

White contacts are more often used to create scary looks. The blind white contacts completely recolor your eyes with a solid shade of White, even partially covering your pupils, giving you an almost ethereal look.

White lenses are among the most popular shades of contacts for Halloween and cosplay events. You can create plenty of fantastic makeup styles to highlight your white eyes.

White contacts are the perfect shade of lenses to achieve a creative supernatural look that will surely make you stand out. They are available in various multi-tone styles, allowing you to be creative with your overall appearance.

Regardless of which scary mythical creature or popular character you want to dress up as white, contacts are perfect for adding the final touches to make your cosplay come alive.

White contact lenses add a dimension of realism to any costume. Even beginners can transform their look into something more scary and horrifying with a few simple steps.

Contact lenses are more often a necessary accessory in the completion of a cosplay costume, and some costumes feel incomplete if you do not include a proper set of colored eye contacts.

White contact lenses have a terrifying effect that will immediately draw the attention of any onlookers, so why not take advantage of having white eyes and create an absolutely fabulous outfit this spooky season?

There's hardly a reason for you not to pick the white contacts for your Halloween costume. Our white contact lenses are available in creative multicolored designs and provide an easy way to create almost any effect.

We continually create unique and exciting white-colored Costume Contact lenses to help costume enthusiasts stay ahead of everyone else and showcase their style with new and creative lenses.

Aside from our costume contacts, we also create white prescription contacts that do not disrupt your vision in any way but rather enhance it with corrective lenses.

White contacts are also a powerful shade of lens to include in your anime cosplay. It's better to use multicolored white contacts to recreate popular anime characters' looks.

The most popular use of white contacts for cosplay is within the Naruto community, and fans love to showcase the legendary Byakugan eyes along with their fantastic costumes.

White contacts are genuinely a necessary accessory in perfecting any cosplay, and the cosplay community massively appreciates any cosplayers who include an accurate lens in their costume. So, be sure to have a pair of white eye contacts in your next extensive look.

White Contact Lenses are popular

Thanks to their distinctive and eerie aesthetic, white contact lenses are quickly becoming one of the most popular Halloween fashion trends. You can use these contacts to make some fantastic and creative Halloween costumes that will set you apart from others.

However, aside from their use as costume contacts, the multicolored white contacts are better at highlighting the dark outer ring and the pupil. These are perfect for anyone wanting to try out something new.

The variety of our white contact lenses is the reason why they are trendy among cosplayers and costume fanatics. You can either find a subtle shade to weaken your natural eye color or a mesh lens to hide your pupils.

White contact lenses have the potential to give any look an air of mystery; they allow you to create whatever creepy or otherworldly look you desire.

White mesh contact lenses partially cover the pupil, creating a blind effect that will help make an eerie, ghostly appearance and stand out from the crowd.

White-colored contacts are also perfect for themed parties; they'll be sure to turn heads wherever you go, and the transformation with white shades isn't something to go unnoticed.

Our contact lenses are also available in trendy sclera white contacts, which are fantastic for designing and recreating any scary fictional look. They can turn any mundane costume into an outfit that terrifies unsuspecting onlookers.

White lenses are a perfect alternative to creepy face masks or any other paint jobs. These lenses put the focus on your eyes and allow you to simulate a realistic portrayal of your favorite creepy character.

We also manufacture White Prescription Contacts with solid opaque lenses with white and multicolored overtones and creatively styled limbal rings. These are specially designed corrective lenses to enjoy the colors without restricted vision.

However, the true beauty of white contacts lies in their ability to add a scary touch to any costume, so make sure you dress up accordingly and use proper makeup to highlight your eyes.

Why should you buy our White Contacts?

White contact lenses give your eyes a creative, creepy look that is perfect for creating a scary Halloween costume. The multi-tone designs allow for some crazy styles.

Our white contacts are the perfect choice of lenses for cosplayers and costume enthusiasts. The eye-catching designs of our contacts allow the creation of some extraordinary styles that will easily make you the highlight of any party.

Additionally, our white-colored contacts are made from the highest quality materials with vibrant white pigments that are comfortable and provide long-lasting durability.

The variety and styles of our white contact lenses are considered creative and highly intimidating. These lenses let you express your inner creativity with unique designs that are perfect for creating a wide selection of scary-looking costumes.

All White Contacts

White contact lenses are exactly how you would expect them to be. These are simple shades of contacts that feature vibrant white opaque lenses with a prominent dark limbal ring.

Our white-colored contacts can be used for corrective and cosmetic purposes. That's what makes these contacts perfect for every occasion, be it a Halloween party or a cosplay event.

Additionally, we also offer white UV contact lenses that glow in the dark, letting your eyes steal the show in the dead of night. Pair these with any contacts for almost any costume to give it a spooky touch.

There are all sorts of all-white contacts, from white sclera contacts to all the way blind white contacts, even to hide your pupil.

White Sclera Contacts

The sclera contacts are an excellent shade of contacts for almost every costume look, and they give you an extremely scary aesthetic regardless of your style.

It's an absolutely perfect addition to any scary costume. White sclera contacts add a unique and jaw-droppingly haunting effect to any look.

We feature creatively designed sclera contacts that you can use to either make your pupils look small or use the multicolored shade to create a more prominent and contrasting eye color.

White sclera contacts allow for some extremely creative and creepy lens designs. There are many variations of super unique contacts that you can use in your Halloween outfits.

White Out Contacts

The white-out contacts, better known as the white blind contacts, allow for some creative and scary-looking styles. These lenses completely cover your iris with a white opaque lens and hide your pupil by partially covering it with a mesh.

There is something extremely terrifying about having no pupils. Perhaps it's the reason why popular ghost-like fictional characters have blind eyes without pupils.

White-out lenses can be a perfect accessory for creating eerie characters' costumes. These lenses give you an ethereal and otherworldly look, letting you make realistic-looking scary costumes and showcase your creativity.

White Mesh Contacts

White mesh contacts have a mesh-like design that covers the pupils and the iris, ultimately lowering the vibrancy of your natural eye colors. Much like other white-colored contacts, these lenses are mainly used by cosplayers and costume fanatics.

The difference between the mesh contacts is that you can have a distinctive darker outer ring. These contacts give an almost similar effect to blind contacts but allow you to see things more clearly.

If you're looking for a white-colored lens to negate your natural eye color partially, then the white mesh contacts are exactly what you're looking for in terms of moderate vision and style.

Blind White Contacts

Blind white contacts are where things take an extreme turn. These lenses significantly affect your vision and are strictly used for photoshoots.

These lenses ultimately reduce the vibrancy of your natural pigments and give both your iris and pupil a full-blind effect. These lenses are a decent choice for cosplays; however, they significantly restrict your vision to a point where you can only see light sources.

The blind white eye contacts can be used to create some extraordinarily creepy and scary-looking cosplayers; however, the obscure vision will affect you significantly.

Why White-Colored Contacts are perfect for you

White contacts are undoubtedly the most scary-looking colored lenses and are perfect for creating horrifying looks. White lenses give you an appearance you can't get with any other lens type.

Regardless of their vibrant white tint, white lenses are a good choice for people who have naturally darker eyes, as the multicolored lenses perfectly highlight the darker pigments.

The white lenses will take your costume from ordinary to extraordinary in a matter of seconds, creating an unforgettable effect.

White lenses are available in various creative lenses, all with unique designs necessary for making intense and realistic-looking cosplays to stun the world with your creativity.

The scariest characters in horror movies and games look horrifying with their white pupil-less eyes, so why not try these for yourself and create a look that will make you the center of attention?

Additionally, the best way to highlight your white contacts is to use special makeup effects. You can follow many creative makeup designs to enhance your style further.

Our white contacts are all you need to create a mesmerizing costume. We offer white glow-in-the-dark contacts that are precisely what you want for an extra burst of vibrancy.

In addition, white contacts also have a naturally volumizing quality that can't be matched with any other lens. The way to utilize the vibrancy of white contacts is to include proper makeup and a dark costume.

Putting on white contacts means an exciting combination of contrasting effects, as these lenses stand out against normal skin tones, which allows room for creativity for fashion-forward people.

Aside from the blind white lenses, we encourage our customers to purchase white lenses for Halloween and cosplay events to showcase their creativity.


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