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There is no denying that people with naturally green eyes make those around them green with envy, something so captivating that you want it for yourself, and with our incredible selection of Green eye contact len... More

There is no denying that people with naturally green eyes make those around them green with envy, something so captivating that you want it for yourself, and with our incredible selection of Green eye contact lenses, you can easily change the color of your eyes to something you love.

Natural green contact lenses are a great way to give your eyes a unique look and leave a lasting impression on anyone you meet without making permanent changes. 

Our green contacts come in a wide range of shades and tints, from glistening light emerald to a much darker green shade, so you can find the exact look that works for you.

Green is considered one of the rarest eye colors to be found naturally in humans, so if you want to grab the attention of those around you, there is nothing better than wearing green contacts.

The most fantastic thing about our green lenses is that they blend very quickly with the natural color of your eyes, allowing you to change your appearance at a moment’s notice.

Green contacts are perfect for anyone wanting to bring an extra flair to a Halloween or anime costume and stand out.

While green contacts are the perfect choice to create a fantastic costume, they’re safe for long-term use and provide clearer vision than others.

Whether trying to create a unique look or recreate a fictional character, green contacts allow you to experiment with your overall look and make something special.

Green eyes make for an impeccable first impression. You can show off your individuality in a subtle, fashion-forward way that will definitely get you noticed.

There’s no reason why you shouldn’t buy green contact lenses – you’ll have the chance to show off your style with the beautiful hue of green.

Although our green contact lenses are specially designed to go well with naturally dark brown eyes, not every pair of green lenses will go well with your complexion, so please take your time to browse through our collection and find one that works for you.

If you’re looking for an easy, dependable way to add some character to your look, why not try out green contact lenses? It’s one small step that’ll significantly impact your overall style.

High-Quality Green Colored Contacts

Primal Contact Lenses is the stop for all your contact needs; our contacts are designed for long-term use with comfort and convenience in mind. 

They also come in various shades, ranging from light sea green to a deep forest color. Plus, there are no dangerous chemicals or components within these colored lenses since they are all high-quality and FDA-approved.

Our contacts provide maximum durability with comfort and quality that are considered unmatched in the industry.

Our line of prescription-colored contacts is manufactured with comfort and convenience; they give you a striking appearance with a clearer vision.

Costume contact lenses are handpicked by experts and designed by professionals before they are ready to be manufactured to give you the aesthetic of your favorite character.

It is also essential to properly care for your contact lenses if you use them regularly. Cleaning your contacts in proper solution and using adequate hygiene are included in lens care.

Check out our multi-tone natural-colored contact lenses with different limbal rings and creative designs that pique your interest.

  • One-tone green contacts – the singular tone green contacts featured different shades of green with a slightly darker limbal ring that perfectly blends with the green texture to appear seamless.
  • Two-tone green contacts – we offer uniquely designed two-tone contacts in multiple pairs of green. These contacts give a more noticeable limbal ring and are the most popular with cosplayers.
  • Three-tone green contacts – our triple-tone contacts go through several checks before they are approved. These contacts are designed with great care and attention to detail to give you that unique look that will blow everyone away.

We offer a wide range of multi-colored green contacts with completely unique designs to give our customers the chance to create a fantastic look.

Whether you want to incorporate these lenses into your everyday lifestyle or create a cosplay costume with enchanted green eyes, our lenses are perfect for it.

Our contact lenses are superior in quality and provide comfort to the wearer. Our lenses offer 90 days of usage with a 5-year shelf life.

Green Contacts for Halloween and Anime Cosplay

Green contacts are an excellent way to take your Halloween costume or cosplay to the next level and bring your fictional character to life.

Whether you’re going for a vampire’s eerie gaze or simply turning yourself into an elf from Middle-Earth, green lenses provide a unique and stylish way to show off your look.

Green contacts can be used to complete a dazzling transformation that will undoubtedly make you stand out, regardless of what costume you’re wearing.

Plus, compared to lenses with solid colors, green contacts offer more variety in intensity and depth. So you’re sure to find the perfect shade that complements your vision of being whatever it is you want to be.

Green contacts give you a unique and enchanting look that can’t be achieved in any other way. It provides your cosplay costumes a dimension of realism and allows you to stand out among the crowd.

Whether you are preparing for a party on Halloween night, dressing up for a cosplay event, or looking to add an unforgettable touch to your theater performance, green contact lenses make it possible.

Our green contacts are designed to provide comfort with a clearer vision and give you the dramatic gaze of a character from a distant realm.

Whether you’re going for a look that requires light-green shades or the darkest eyes, we have contacts in a variety of designs to suit your individual needs—both fashionable as well as theatrical.

If you’re looking to create the perfect Halloween costume, check out our vast collection of costume lenses and find the one that is perfect for your costume.

Aside from our costume contacts, we create high-quality prescription-colored contacts that not only give you a fantastic first impression but also provide a clear vision.

Green contacts are a great way to stand out while cosplaying either your favorite anime or movie character. Contacts provide an added degree of realism when recreating your favorite fictional character, allowing you to steal the spotlight from everyone else.

We understand that makeup is essential for any cosplay, and it is crucial to have the right shade of contacts that go well with your complexion. That’s why we offer a wide range of green contacts to help you find the perfect one.

Green contacts can transform any ordinary cosplay into one that will look like it was ripped straight from the screen or page.

Green Contact Lenses are Popular

Green contact lenses are the newest fashion statement from Hollywood that is hitting the streets. They can add a hint of mystery to your style while giving you a sharp, captivating, natural look.

Whether you’re seeking out an extra pop of green for your next festive occasion or just trying out a new look for your everyday lifestyle, green-colored contacts can help you switch things up. They are flawlessly trendy and add an extra level of glamour to your overall appearance.

Our naturally Green Contacts not only give you a mysteriously enchanting vibe but also offer comfort and convenience for long-term use.

If you’re looking to brighten up your closet and reinvent yourself through color this season, green contacts are the ideal way to go.

Green contact lenses are easily the most popular shade of colored contacts. They go exceptionally well with naturally dark brown eyes and provide a light green hue to make your eyes shine bright.

The beauty of green contacts is that they come in a variety of shades, serving as the perfect accessory to help put together the ideal green ensemble.

Furthermore, green contacts blend very well with either dark brown or hazel-colored eyes. They provide a vibrant green tint and completely revamp your eyes.

If you’re looking for a unique way to express yourself, green-colored contact lenses might be just what you need. People are naturally attracted to green eyes because of their mysteriousness.

One of the great things about natural green contact lenses is their ability to blend seamlessly with any outfit or makeup palette, giving you an attractive appearance right away without the hassle of putting on additional makeup or products.

All in all, green-colored contacts are an exciting way to mix up your everyday look. So why not give them a try? After all, nothing ventured, nothing gained.

Why Buy Our Green Contacts?

Green contacts are one of the sought-after lenses because they give you an enchanting appearance that is unmatched by any other color. They make you appear captivating and leave a lasting impression.

Our specialized contacts not only add a beautiful, soft-green hue to your iris but are also designed with comfort in mind, so you can wear these contacts for an entire day without them feeling irritating.

We have a wide assortment of green contacts with multi-colored tones, unique designs, and different kinds of limbal rings to help you find your perfect match.

So upgrade to our green contact lenses today and watch yourself transform right before your eyes.

Dark Green contacts

Dark green contact lenses are the way to go for most people who are born with naturally dark brown eyes. They give you a nice green tint while still maintaining the natural beauty.

Dark green lenses are trendy because they can make your eyes appear natural while giving you a bold look. They’re the perfect accessory for your everyday use.

Above all that, dark green is the classic color that complements any skin tone. It looks even more stunning with makeup.

We have a large assortment of dark green contacts with simple 1-tone dark shades to stylized multi-tone with a dark limbal ring to give you that captivating look.

Sunrise Jade Green

Light green contacts can make a beautiful addition to spark your appearance. Whether you’re aiming for an exotic showgirl-inspired glamor or something more unique, we have lenses for all your needs.

These lenses come in a variety of styles, so no matter what color your eyes are naturally, light green colored lenses are sure to make them shine.

Plus, bright green contact lenses can add just enough color to bring light into your eyes and sparkle while still looking natural enough that nobody will know you’re using contacts.

So, green lenses are the way to go if you want to add a hint of mystery and change your appearance.

Enchanted Emerald Green

Ever wanted to have emerald green eyes? Now you can! With our emerald green eye contacts, you can instantly enchant the color of your with our vivid pair of green.

These lenses are designed for long-term use and all-day comfort so that you can incorporate them into your daily lifestyle.

It’s nothing new for people with green-colored eyes to be the center of attention. They make you appear welcoming and boost your confidence.

If you’re looking for uniquely designed emerald contacts, we recommend checking out our Temptress Emerald 3-tone and Enchanted Emerald 2-tone contacts.

You’ll surely turn heads with emerald green contacts wherever you go.

Delightful Jade

If you want to add a green-hued touch to your look, consider jade green contacts. These contact lenses are trendy due to their genuine and sophisticated appearance. 

By wearing our jade green lenses, you can give yourself an alluring green eye color that can easily be noticed. Plus, jade green eye contact on dark brown eyes looks well.

Whether for everyday wear or a special occasion like a costume party, make sure that jade green contacts are the must-have item on your list.

Are Green Colored Contacts right for you?

When it comes to green contacts, the possibilities are truly endless. Depending on your style and level of comfort, green-colored contacts complement nearly any look or situation.

Green eyes are viewed as enchanting and have a way of captivating people. The vibrant green colors cast an aura of mystery to your appearance and pair perfectly with bright eye makeup and red hair.

Whether you go for green eyes with a soft money eye makeup look for a dramatic night out or decide to go full glamour with a sultry all-black ensemble, green lenses are what you need for that astonishing look.

Green lenses give you that intriguing, youthful look, make for a solid first impression, and boost confidence.

For those who want a more impeccable appearance, pairing green contacts with deep red lips and a matching green outfit makes for an unforgettable appearance.

Green contact lenses highlight the green in your and even neutralize other colors, which is why they’re perfect for people with naturally green or hazel eyes.

Whether you are looking for a pop of color or something more eye-catching and bold, green contact lenses offer an excellent way to quickly enhance your look without wearing makeup.

No matter the natural color of your eyes, our green lenses are designed to make your eyes appear bright and cancel out other colors to the point where they still appear natural.

The green contacts are popular among cosplayers and help spruce up your natural look by giving you a glamorous appeal.

For eye makeup, green contact lenses pair perfectly with warm earth tones such as brown and orange, adding a unique pop of color.

For anyone wanting to change their appearance with green contacts, we have plenty of different colored lenses so you can choose the perfect one for you. Be it plain bright shades or multi-tone designed contacts for that stunning appearance.

So, if green is the color you’re going for, grab yourself some green contacts and bring your inner self.


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''these contacts are seriously amazing and i would totally recommend them, i wore them for 7 hours at a convention 2 days in a row and my eyes barely hurt after and the vision in them was amazing, i am definitely buying from this brand again :)''

Elizabeth F.

These were amazing for a soft subtle effect nothing drastic. Very comfortable to wear. Always impressed by Primal’s contact.

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I normally don't care for directional lenses like these because they often don't sit properly and get a little wonky after awhile, but these ones stayed perfectly in place - not sure if that was just good luck or good design, either way I really liked how they looked.

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Loved them. Super comfortable and really made the look.

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I LOVED these lenses. I could see out of them perfectly with really no problems. They felt comfortable enough for me to wear them all day. They arrived so quickly. I was very impressed. Thank you!

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