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When Halloween is around the corner, you want to dress up your best for costume parties with a style that will leave your friends ter... More

When Halloween is around the corner, you want to dress up your best for costume parties with a style that will leave your friends terrified and make sure that all eyes are on you. Zombie Contact lenses are perfect for creating an eerie and realistic effect that will bring your undead costume to life.

Whether you’re planning to attend a costume party or simply roam the streets with a creepy costume, dressing up as an undead would definitely give a spooky flair to your Halloween ensemble. Choosing Primal’s zombie contacts can up the appeal of your costume by adding a dimension of realism.

Primal’s zombie contact lenses are available in a range of vibrating colors and creating designs, giving you endless options to choose from. Whether you’re going for a classic zombie look with a pair of pure-white contacts or a modern-era zombie look with blood-red eyes, we’ve got you covered with our broad collection.

These lenses are perfect when you want to get seriously into your character and drastically improve your costume. Imagine stepping into the room with bright, pure-white eyes. You’ll be standing out within a room full of cosplayers who didn’t pay any care to how their eyes affect their costume.

Costumes are all about expressing yourself freely, there is no need to hold back your creativity, and using contact lenses can greatly impact your style. It is also a good idea to use bloody makeup variations for that finishing touch.

Perfect for completing your cosplays

Upping your cosplay game would be an easy task with Primal’s Creepy Zombie collection, you can find some of the most creepy-looking eye accessories to level up your cosplays. No cosplay is ever complete without proper eyewear, especially not when the character is an undead zombie with glowing eyes. With the modern-era shows leaning toward the fantasy genre, I have a feeling we’ll be seeing a lot more undead roaming streets during Halloween.

The creepy aesthetic of our zombie contact lenses will set you apart from hundreds of other cosplayers and make you the highlight of the party. Each lens is creatively designed to ensure a perfect blend of colors that complement your natural eye color and improve upon it. You should try our translucent lenses if you want to stay natural, but if you want to go all out, you’d be better off choosing from our opaque lenses.

Every year, cosplayers come up with unique and exciting ways to better express their inner undead beauty. You’ll meet eccentric cosplayers with super-realistic bloody makeup variations that’ll make your skin crawl or cosplayers who use undead props such as severed hands or weapons depicting a low-level mob from a game.

There are so many little details that affect the aesthetic appeal of any costume; choosing the proper costume and props is enough to qualify your cosplay, but choosing the right pair of contact lenses can significantly improve the appeal of your overall costume. Our zombie contacts collection is perfect for any number of creepy undead cosplays with varying styles so that you can choose the perfect one for your cosplay.

Aside from the obvious cosmetic benefits, our contact lenses are designed to ensure complete safety for your eyes and allow extended wear for up to 8 hours. We always recommend that our customers properly follow the wearing guidelines and safety precautions to avoid unnecessary risks.

Why Zombie Contact Lenses Are Popular

It’s not uncommon for many costume parties to have a horror theme, and everyone wants to show off their talents with new and exciting costumes that’ll spook everyone. Dressing up as an undead zombie is always fun because there is a lot of room for personal creativity. Wearing tattered clothing, scratch marks, bite wounds, and blood splatter is considered the go-to strategy for many newbies and expert cosplayers. However, finalizing the entire costume with pure-white contacts can give you cosplay an unmatched creepy aesthetic that’ll leave others staring in your direction.

Contact lenses have the ability to give your creepy cosplay a creepy aesthetic that feels supernatural. It’s no wonder why costume fanatics flock toward these contacts for a spine-chilling look. Lose yourself in the world of the undead and be part of the zombie apocalypse that haunts the streets every year.

There are many choices for everyone who is interested in cosplaying as a zombie. Some of the most popular zombie characters are either from 90s horror movies or popular horror videos such as Silent Hill. You won’t have trouble catching references during any Halloween event; you’ll even find many cosplayers dressing up as zombified versions of famous Marvel and DC superheroes.

Using Primal’s white contact lenses will make your eyes ghostly and undead. There is no doubt that any costume you wear will instantly become a lot creepier and terrifying to outsiders. The only limitation is your creativity. Be sure to browse the internet for new and exciting cosplays to draw inspiration for your next outfit.

Why you should buy our Zombie Contact Lenses

Primal is considered one of the leading brands in the world of cosplays and costume fanatics for having the best eyewear that provides unparalleled levels of comfort and offers fantastic color combinations with creative designs. We stand behind the quality of our products, empowering cosplays to bring out their true colors without ever having to worry about damaging their eyes. We use a natural pigmentation process to generate colors that enhance the natural colors of your eyes and create a more realistic look.

Our multi-colored opaque lenses are perfect for giving your eyes a vibrant burst of color for that undead look. Additionally, we offer lenses with varying styles of limbal rings and even different lens types, from blind lenses to hide your pupils to scleral lenses that encompass the entire eye.

Aside from our dedication to providing our customers with the best possible experience, our team of experts is always updated the current trends. Our goal is to be the first one that you go to when you want to purchase a set of contacts for your new favorite zombified characters. 

Zombie contact lenses are the perfect accessory for your next Halloween party, and you can add a bit of spookiness to your overall costume:

PRIMAL ® Zombie II

Get ready to dazzle in the most stunning shade of white contacts ever! Picture this: a flawless limbal ring that adds that extra touch of enchantment to your eyes. These contacts aren't just for show – they're your go-to accessory for rocking creepy costumes, whether you're unleashing your inner zombie or embracing the eerie vibes of the night as a ghostly creature. The design is so realistic, and the colors are so vibrant that you're guaranteed to make a jaw-dropping first impression!

But here's the real magic – unparalleled comfort. These lenses are your ticket to hours of wear without even a hint of discomfort. So, why not take the plunge? Elevate your look, unleash your creativity, and let these lenses be your style secret weapon. Trust me, you won't just be turning heads; you'll be stopping traffic with your show-stopping gaze!

PRIMAL ® Sub Zero

If you're on the hunt for lenses that'll send shivers down spines, you're in for a treat! Dive into the eerie world of these lenses designed to be downright creepy while still letting you navigate the crowd with ease. Ideal for both beginners and seasoned pros, these lenses are perfect for anyone craving a unique and standout costume. Just a heads-up: while they're fantastic for turning heads at costume parties, it's a no-go for driving with these bad boys on.

Picture this: a fine mesh delicately covering your pupils, creating a spine-chilling whiteout effect that's nothing short of stunning. Whether you're gearing up as a zombie or any other spine-tingling character, these Zombie Contacts are your secret weapon to not just enhance but totally transform your look. Get ready to outshine your fellow cosplayers and rock that costume party with an edge that's straight-up chilling!


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