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Black eyes are undoubtedly one of the most desired eyes in the world. The darker shade gives you a boost of confidence and helps to bring out your inner self.

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Black eyes are undoubtedly one of the most desired eyes in the world. The darker shade gives you a boost of confidence and helps to bring out your inner self.

The subtle black hues empower the natural black tones in your eyes and offer a unique, attention-grabbing intensity that makes these black contacts the first choice for many people.

Whether you're looking to increase the intensity of your eyes with black contacts or add a more subtle touch, the wide range of black contacts will help you elevate your style.

Black contact lenses are trendy among people who wear darker clothing. The combination of these two gives a striking appearance and makes everyone gaze at you twice.

Black eyes can help you make a killing first impression and show off your individuality in a way that compliments your natural style.

Regardless of fashion style or color theme, no one can deny that black is always in fashion, and having a pure black pair of eyes can give any look an air of mystery or glamour.

Most importantly, black contact lenses are designed to go well with almost every natural eye color, and the multicolored shades only improve upon your natural look.

So, black contacts are the perfect accessory for any occasion, whether it's a night out at the club or a regular day at the office. These lenses will only improve your look.

Black contact lenses give an edgy and unique flair that no other colored contacts can, making them one accessory you don't want to miss out on.

If you're looking for something that will add character and style to your look, there is nothing better than a pair of pure-black eye contacts to impact your style.

High-Quality Black Colored Contacts

Primal Contact Lenses creates the most incredibly designed black contacts and the most high-quality ones; our lenses are manufactured with comfort and convenience that last for long hours.

Our black shades are available in various single-tone and multi-tone versions with unique designs. These colors blend perfectly to give you the ultimate opportunity to customize your eyes.

All our contacts are created with high-quality materials and are approved by the FDA, so you never have to worry about getting an infection or dealing with irritation.

Our black contacts are loved by our customers, mainly because of the level of comfort they provide, along with unrestricted vision. These contacts undergo several quality checks to ensure each lens is perfect.

We offer great variety when it comes to our multi-tone black contacts as these are designed by experts who are familiar with the latest trends, so you find everything you are looking for at Primal Contact Lenses.

  • One-tone black contacts – our one-tone black contact lenses feature simple black contacts with varying levels of opacity and intensity so you can have complete control over your eyes.
  • Two-tone black contacts – the two-tone black contact lenses are the most popular contacts for dressing up as trendy fictional characters. These lenses also feature a more prominent limbal ring.
  • Tri-tone black contacts – for our tri-tone black contacts, we feature our Wraith II white and red contacts, as these offer a great blend of color in a powerful way. These three-tone lenses are also available with differently styled limbal rings.

Our multicolored contact lenses are easily the best choice to create your next cosplay for Halloween or an anime convention. These are designed for long-term use so that you can wear them throughout the day. 

The most critical step in owning a pair of colored contacts is to clean your contacts after each use and take care of your hygiene to avoid an unnecessary infection.

Our contact lenses can be used regularly for 90 with complete comfort to the wearer and a 5-year shelf life. 

Why Black Contacts are perfect for Halloween

Black contacts are an easy and effective way to make your Halloween costume look ten times scarier. These lenses are perfect for making your outfit look creepy and terrifying.

As far as the element of surprise and scare goes, nothing is more dreadful than seeing a pair of featureless, pure black eyes in the dead of night.

Regardless of whichever fiction or mythical creature you're cosplaying, you can easily incorporate black contacts in your style, be it a witch, a vampire, a zombie, or even an alien.

Aside from the fantastic effect black contacts have on a Halloween costume, we also manufacture FDA-approved prescription black contacts with multi-tone styles that do not restrict your vision in any way and can be used as a replacement for sunglasses.

Our specially designed line of black costume contacts features various tones and multiple limbal ring styles to give you complete control over your eyes. There is no reason why you wouldn't be the highlight of a Halloween party if you try our contacts.

We have black contact lenses with different opacities that allow you to either keep the natural aesthetic of your eyes or completely negate the natural colors and give yourself a brand-new spooky look.

Black contact lenses are also very impactful when it comes to creating anime cosplays. Many characters with gleaming black eyes feature different styles of black shades, from pure black to multicolored.

The most popular characters in the anime verse have black eyes with striking features that make them stand out. So pairing your natural eye color with a pair of black contacts is the best way to make a daunting appearance.

Using a pair of black contact lenses can make you a hit in the blink of an eye. It's perfect for a new cosplayer to cosplay as the terrifying characters to make a name for themselves.

Our black contact lenses are available in varying opacities and contrasts, which is undoubtedly vital for particular character cosplays with exaggerated expressions.

For anyone struggling to find the exact pair of shades that replicate the eyes of their favorite characters, we create character-specific costume contacts so you can cosplay as your favorite character.

Black Contact Lenses are popular

It shouldn't come as a surprise that black contact lenses are considered somewhat rare. People with naturally dark eyes have a brighter image. It's different and makes a person appear sharp.

People born with naturally bold colors have an easy time standing out. It makes a killer first impression and gives power to your words and actions.

Black contacts provide great clarity compared to any other shade. The dark hue can definitely make any eye color more refined by adding depth to it without compromising on the quality of vision.

Black contact lenses are versatile, and they look just as stylish paired with casual wear as they do with formal attire or costumes. You can easily incorporate these contacts into your everyday style.

Their unique dark hues provide subtle sophistication and can bring a modern edge to any look. It's relatively easy to attain a much sharper look without making it appear unnatural or fake.

There is no limit to the level of sophistication you can bring to your style with simple black contacts, so it's hardly a surprise that these pairs are the most popular in the world.

People around the world, from celebrities to influencers, incorporate these black contact lenses into their style to make a powerful appearance. Black lenses are the top choice when it comes to dressing up your eyes.

Something that makes these black contact lenses so unique is that these contacts are available in various styles that provide unobstructed vision and a level of comfort unmatched by others.

Black contacts are known for their versatility. You can pair these lenses with any outfit, makeup look, and hairstyle to achieve a captivating aesthetic.

We produce costume contact lenses that aren't just popular for their unique design but also for the level of comfort they give for longer hours. Our line of prescription-colored contacts will provide you with your desired color with unmatched comfort and clear vision.

Something more you can do to make your black eyes appear more prominent is to use makeup and recreate that smokey look to highlight your newly black eyes.

Black lenses will continue to grow in the eye care industry and increase in popularity as no one can resist the charms of having dark black eyes.

Why should you buy our black contacts?

We manufacture black contact lenses that are definitely high-quality and give a more prominent shade of colors than anyone else in the industry.

Our black lenses are available in various shades of multicolored hues and unique designs and feature different styled limbal rings to give absolute control over how others perceive you.

Our colored contact lenses are rich in color and provide a more vibrant burst of color that can blend seamlessly with your natural eye color, negate any lighter tones, and completely revamp your eyes.

And above everything else, our contact lenses are famous for their unique and complex designs. Our customers prefer these contacts because they give much longer hours of comfort and allow them to wear them throughout the day.

If you're looking for black-colored contacts that will make a bold fashion statement and last for many uses, we offer a wide selection for you to choose from.

Full Black Eye Contacts

People who are born with naturally full black eyes are looked upon by others with envy. Our Natural Black Collection offers featureless black lenses that can provide you with the desired look of your dreams so that you can express your inner self.

Complete black eye contact lenses are worn by professionals and celebrities who are trying to make a striking first impression. The multicolored tones and uniquely styled limbal rings allow them to customize their look fully.

You can easily find a shade that perfectly complements your complexion, as these black contacts go well with all-natural skin tones and blend with your natural eye color to complete a stunning look.

We have a wide selection of full black contacts that completely cancel your natural eye color, including any noticeable features, and these are available in different intensity levels.

Black and White Contacts

Black and white contacts are generally popular among cosplayers and performers who are trying to recreate a somewhat creepy and scary look.

However, you can still incorporate these into your everyday style. These two-tone black and white shades make for a perfectly unique look.

Whether you're dressing up for Halloween as a scary monster or just trying to create a new everyday look, these contacts will ensure that all eyes are on you.

The incredible quality of these contact lenses is how you can use these contacts to achieve a more prominent and well-defined outer ring.

Unless you have naturally dark eyes, these contacts will completely negate your natural eye color and give you a completely new look.

Black and Red Contacts

Black and red contacts are what you use when you want to take your appearance to the next level and make an extreme fashion statement that will demand attention from those around you.

These multicolored black and red contacts provide a vibrant boost of red color to make your eyes shine through the light and give you a powerful and elegant look.

Depending on the shades you purchase, you can completely recreate your eyes with our line of bright black and red contacts or give yourself a subtle red tint to maintain the natural charm.

The primary use for bright red contacts is to either recreate a fictional character or use it for an anime character cosplay. However, you can even wear these contacts for a unique occasion and pair them with a beautiful red dress to make everyone lush over you.

Black and Blue Contacts

Black and blue contact lenses are undoubtedly the most desired eye color of any individual. The blue shade gives you a youthful, fresh look, and the black hues make them appear sharp and direct.

The subtle blue hues of these contact lenses are designed to blend with your natural eye color, and the black color only compliments your naturally dark eyes, which makes them genuinely unique.

Black and black colored contacts blend perfectly together, complimenting your natural eye color and creating a stunning color palette that will make people look twice in your direction.

Much like every other colored lens in our collection, these black and blue contacts are available in prescription versions, so you can safely wear these contacts for a longer time.

Black Sclera Contacts

Black sclera contacts are trendy within the cosplay communities and among Halloween enthusiasts. They can give you a terrifying aesthetic that will make others look at you twice.

Call it an absolute necessity; you can not make a genuinely frightening without the addition of black mini sclera contacts.

Our black sclera contacts cover entirely the iris and pupil. The sclera contact lenses offer an impactful intensity, allowing you to alter your full eye color.

Our multicolored designs of black sclera lenses are absolutely what you need for a dark-themed style. The black sclera lenses are available in various contrasting colors that effectively give you a strong aesthetic.

Why Black-colored contacts are perfect for you

Unlike other shades of colored contacts, black lenses ideally add a touch of elegance to your style regardless of your natural eye color.

Black lenses add a level of depth to your eyes, and with the multicolored contacts, you can easily attain your desired eye color while keeping the dark and natural charm.

The multicolored black contacts will enhance all types of eye color tones, from green, brown, blue, and red; the extensive variety of our lenses makes them so popular.

Black contacts are the perfect choice for people who feel like they're missing something. Black contacts might not help you stand out from the crowd. But they'll surely add depth to your eyes and give you a boost of confidence so you can express yourself more openly.

Additionally, black contact lenses are incredibly versatile. You can pair these contacts with almost any outfit because of their natural and sleek design.

Cosplayers most often use black lenses to add a touch of creepiness and horror to their outfit because of the crazy and unique designs we offer. However, you can incorporate complete black eye contacts in your style to create an exciting new look for yourself.

Black contact lenses are, without a doubt, a bold fashion choice; however, if you have what it takes to incorporate these lenses into your style, you can completely reinvent your character.

Whether they are used for fashion or to complete a costume, black contact lenses go well with everything.


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