"Since Mathieu was little, he is passionate about the world of horror. At the time, his basement was newly decorated with strange dolls, torture instruments, fake blood, figurines and a collection of gory films. In 2010, he meets his wife who is just as fanatic of this university, but from a more artistic point of view. Dominique Arganese, artist, actress and model previously working in a Las Vegas freak show, had a more theatrical vision of horror. She was more interested in fiction, occult sciences, supernatural phenomena and fantasy. This common passion led them to decorate their home in October 2014, with the signature of Mathieu's decorations, which earned them the cover of the Journal de Montréal and the visit of more than 400 people on Halloween.

Following a visit to an immersive theater in NYC, they come out inspired. Finding their career path too atypical, they make the decision to embark head business in the field that both passionate: horror fiction, eroticism and immersive theater. This perfect marriage and the meeting with two other partners will give birth to Malefycia. Aware of all the financial risks, they decide to put their talents, and especially their contacts in common (friends, families, volunteers) to realize their dream in 2015.

From the outset, the goal of the immersive spectator is to stimulate the visitor to ride in his fear by creating anguish and fear and to make him travel out of his comfort zone. There was definitely a clientele for that. It was a success. Despite the criticisms, the pitfalls and the planning errors, they continued on this momentum for the year 2016 by tripling the number of tickets sold. Unfortunately, divergent visions between the associates caused the separation of the former Malefycia team.

In July 2017, a chance meeting with the dynamic team LANF will revive the flame that animated them. Finally, the couple had just discovered the most motivated team and the missing piece of their puzzle for an assured success."