Spy x Family Cosplay Contact Lenses That You Want To Try Out For Your Next Big Cosplay

Spy x Family Cosplay Contact Lenses That You Want To Try Out For Your Next Big Cosplay

Anya Forger

Anya Forger Contacts

Anya Forger's green eyes are like emeralds, sparking with mischief and wonder. She’s always up to some shenanigans; either she’s playing with her toys or watching her favorite TV show BOND MAN. Either way, her eyes glimmer whenever she’s having fun instead of doing her homework, or learning math. Browse our Anya Forger Collection to find your set of green lenses to create your best Anya Forger cosplay.

At school, she’s the one to lead her friends even though half the time she never knows what she’s doing. Her impulsive behavior always leads to her getting in trouble with others in her class. And even though she clearly dislikes the ‘second son’ she does her best to befriend him with her innocent shy green eyes.

The community absolutely adores her childlike innocence, her eyes always give away what mischief she’s up to. And when she smiles, her eyes crinkle at the corners, forming adorable crescents. It’s impossible not to love her.

Have a look at our perfect green contacts you can include in your Anya Forger cosplay:

  • PRIMAL ® - Anya Forger
  • PRIMAL ® - Werewolf I
  • PRIMAL ® - Enchanted Emerald

  • Yor Forger Cosplay Contacts

    Yor Forger Contacts

    Yor Foger is an ordinary office clerk during the day and a cold-blooded killer during the night as an assassin hired by the group known as Garden. She has sharp red eyes that reflect her dual nature as a loving mother to Anya and as a deadly assassin who hunts down those who try to betray their country. Our collection of Yor Forger cosplay contact lenses will surely brighten up your day.

    You can see the murderous intent in her eyes as she goes hunting for the night; there is no hesitation or remorse before she takes a life. She almost seems a different person from the lovable housewife who is warm and kind toward her friends and family.

    However, it doesn’t take much for her to flip the switch if anyone tries to harm Anya or try to come between her and Loid Forger. She works extra hard to become a caring housewife to hold this family together.

    She’s easily one of the most beloved characters in the fandom; everyone loves her for her kindness and clumsy. She can chop down bad guys but has trouble cutting vegetables. She often feels inadequate in her role as a housewife and as Anya’s stepmother, which leads to her being an emotional wreck.

    Have a look at our finest deep red contacts you can include in your Yor Forger cosplay:

  • PRIMAL ® - Yor Forger
  • PRIMAL ® - Dracula I
  • PRIMAL ® - Evil Eyes
  • Loid Forger Cosplay Contacts

    Loid Forger Contacts

    Loid Forger is the protagonist of the popular Spy x Family series, and his eyes are greyish-blue like steel, reflecting his sharp intellect and determination to fulfill his task with unwavering focus. Also, he’s perspicacious enough that nothing goes past him, giving him an edge against his enemies. Our Loid Forger collection is full of amazing and captivating blue contacts.

    His eyes aren’t the only fascinating thing about him, he even dresses sharper than James Bond on a mission to save the planet. His eyes are always assessing everything that is happening around him so he can disarm any potential threat that may pop.

    His consistent focus on his missions often makes him appear distant towards his family, and although it’s true that he cares a lot more about his mission to save the country instead of playing a father and a husband, perhaps that’s why Yor feels that she isn’t good enough mother and a housewife.

    However, despite his serious demeanor, he can be quite expressive at times when dealing with Anya’s shenanigans, he shows how much he cares for them and doesn’t want to see them get hurt. He's a somewhat complex character, but there’s no doubt that he wants to keep his fake family safe.

    Have a look at our steel blue contacts you can include in your Loid Forger cosplay:

  • PRIMAL ® - Super Hero
  • PRIMAL ® - Charm Sapphire
  • PRIMAL ® - Underworld
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