Sexy or Creepy this Halloween? 4 tricks to help you make the right choice!

Sexy or Creepy this Halloween? 4 tricks to help you make the right choice!

What scares you most about Halloween? Hundreds of kids knocking on your door to steal all your candy? Or trying to find THE most original outfit for your costume party?

If you chose the second option, then these four tricks can help you either find that perfect balance between stylish and sexy, or create a costume that’s both terrifying and unique.



So you’d prefer doing something a little darker this year? Here’s the best way to go about it. Choose a character from a popular movie or TV series. Go for a well-known evil villain in today’s pop culture. Avoid vague references, manga characters or obscure comic books. You’re better to opt for a simple costume of an evil villain everyone knows than a super-realistic costume of “nobody”.

Know when enough is enough. You want to be “scary” but not too scary! After all, you don’t want the police at your heels or to accidently traumatize any trick-or-treaters. Of course, you’ll want to leave any accessories like firearms or other weapons (axes, machetes, chainsaws, etc.) at home. Go for a costume without a mask since these can be cumbersome, obstruct your vision and make you sweat. Your best bet is a combination of makeup and Halloween contact lenses. Besides, some contacts are enough alone to send shivers down your spine!











Avoid those cliché costumes we’ve all seen a million times before! You know the ones we mean: the sexy nurse, the spandex cat-woman, the traditional Playboy Bunny… For starters, everyone will think that you waited until the last minute to think up your outfit. Even worse, you’re 100% guaranteed to end up face-to-face with someone else wearing the exact same thing.

Be comfortable! Again, the key here is to keep it simple. Go for something that’s classy yet alluring. You’re liable to regret a costume that’s too hot or has overly complex makeup. Some expert advice: Getting that sexy look is 80% about the eyes. Treat yourself to a pair of coloured contact lenses. They’re affordable and are sure to give you a unique and distinctive appearance. You have tons of different styles to choose from!







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