Our make-up tips for Valentine's Day

Our make-up tips for Valentine's Day

The lovers' party is on our doorstep. It's time for chocolates, hugs and candlelight dinners. Ladies, it's time to give you make-up tips for a perfect Valentine's Day look. Time to get romantic! 

Step 1: Find a Perfume

The perfect fragrance for Valentine's Day is hard to find. We advise a floral, fruity and captivating fragrance. This way you will immediately break the ice to reveal your fun side! It will also show him that you own your beauty, and that's always a winner!

Step 2: A Good Complexion

For Valentine's Day, we advise a clear complexion. For that you need the most beautiful, natural looking skin. How?  Thanks to the use of a gentle cleanser, an exfoliator, an oxygenating mask as well as the use of moisturizing treatments, you can achieve this. For makeup, start with a base that refreshes and smoothes your skin and blurs pores. Then hide dark circles and small imperfections with a corrector. Add a light foundation as needed. Finish with a matting of the loose powder for a really long lasting and a most natural look.

Step 3: A Piercing Look

Your eyes are your main asset - and so much is riding on your Valentine's Day make-up. Start with mascara on the eyelashes at the top and bottom to get an enlarged and sparkling look. A light black pencil along the fringe of the eyelashes will allow you to accentuate the whole if you like. Now take care of your eyebrows. They will structure your look and bring them character. Do not redraw them completely; just refine them by filling in the possible small holes and fixing everything with a blush and then clear mascara.

Finally, wear one of our PRIMAL lenses from our Cosmetic Styles to enhance your look or even change the colour of your eyes!

Step 4: Luscious Lips

For a nice smile, we advise a carmine lipstick, very chic. To avoid worrying about the exchange of kisses with your lover, opt for a matte and long-lasting lipstick. Outline your lips with a pencil of the same colour as the lipstick and then apply the red directly before kissing a tissue paper. Repeat if necessary.

 What's great about lipstick is that it offers a "white teeth" effect. To accentuate this effect, you can use a whitening pen. Apply it directly to the teeth after brushing.

Step 5: An Extraordinary Hairstyle

 Finally for your head, whether loose hair or a little wild bun, it will do the job! You can opt for a nice wavy effect with a styler and a fixing spray.

Last little tips: (that can change everything):

  •  Hydrate yourself with dry oil for your body. This will slightly saturate your skin.
  • Do not forget to remove makeup after your date.
  • Above all, do not forget to remove your PRIMAL contact lenses before going to bed!
  • Smile! You are the queen of the evening!
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