Les Nouvelles Esthetiques’ Debut Canadian Body Painting Championship 2019, An Explosion Of Creativity!

Les Nouvelles Esthetiques’ Debut Canadian Body Painting Championship 2019, An Explosion Of Creativity!

         PRIMAL® Social Media Coordinator: Natasha

One of the perks of being the PRIMAL® Social Media Coordinator is being invited to attend awesome events like The Canadian Body Painting Championship organized by Marilyn Pellerin which took place over 2 days in May, within the beauty industry convention, Les Nouvelles Esthétiques. I watched as 10 artists competed for the 1st to 3rd place titles and a pretty sweet prize pack consisting of a trophy and between $500.00 to $5000.00 in products from such brands as Make Up For Ever.

1) MUA: Rose Hamel // Model: Shannon-Katherine
MUA: Karine Lanthier // Model: Lisa-Marie Charron
3) MUA: Virginie Tetrault // Model: Audrey Cloutier

What you don’t see behind the scenes at a body painting championship is the meticulous planning and quick thinking as the contestants are on a timer to achieve an original makeup creation masterpiece. Their dynamic problem-solving skills mixed with the excitement of the competition and fun attitude demonstrated by all the contestants was awesome to watch. I felt like I was in an episode of Skin Wars minus the quirky banter from RuPaul & Rebecca Romijn.

Two of the judges that were present though do have a flare of their own. PRIMAL® ambassadors and makeup creation masters, Jinny, co-creator of the popular PARADISE MAKEUP AQ by Mehron, and the revered a to z character production powerhouse, Lorie Hamel, lit up the competition area as they pranced around encouraging the competing body painters and sharing their love of PRIMAL® Contact Lenses. It was awesome to see our ambassadors as judges shaping the structure of this cool event happening in Montreal.

The theme of this edition of The Canadian Body Painting Championship was The Four Seasons. It is always exciting to see how body painters use PRIMAL® Contact Lenses in their creations. These living tableaus take on a new form when the creation is finished. 

 Credit: MUA: Karine Lanthier. Model: Lisa-Marie Charron

We had a great time watching Karine Lanthier work her magic that lead to her winning second place at Les Nouvelles Esthetiques Canadian Body Painting Championships 2019. Our PRIMAL® Jinx  Contact Lens design made her ice creature come to life.

Credit: Patima MUA. Model: Nel Moschetto

Patima’s bright creation charmed the judges as it won her 3rd place. With the help of our PRIMAL® Nightcrawler lens design, this creation appeared like the warm sun’s glow that shines during any season, despite the temperature.

Credit: MUA: Rose Hamel. Model: Shannon-Katherine

Rose Hamel chose the PRIMAL® Zombie I lens design to complete her creation. Her creation reminded me of a Moon Shadow Goddess, with her full moon eyes, illuminating a dark ocean tide. 

Credit: MUA: Dominique Panneton. Model: Cindy Piché Bernier

Dominique Panneton’s soft spring creation radiated like a pastel wonderland, perfectly blending the PRIMAL® Strange contact design to the cheek details.

Credit: MUA: Catherine Bernier. Model: Jessica Léveillée-Lemay

Catherine Bernier’s autumn entity embodied a forest elder with their magnetic eyes wearing the  PRIMAL® Necromancer lens design. I imagine this is who I’d encounter if I accidentally ate some magic mushrooms while strolling on the yellow brick road on an October evening.

Credit: MUA: Virginie Terault. Model: Audrey Cloutier

Virginie Tetrault - Virgie Fantaisie’s creation was channeling autumn forest  guardian. I love how the PRIMAL® Jurassic III lens design is contributing to this sculptured look by completely masking her pupils and iris. Enchanting!

MUA + Model Credits: 

1) MUA: Rose Hamel Model: Shannon-Katherine 2) MUA: Carole Duchesneau  Model:Lily Velozo Saez 3) MUA: Karine Lanthier. Model: Lisa-Marie Charron 4) MUA: Evelyne Lussier. Model: Magaly Deshais 5) MUA: Catherine Bernier Model: Jessica Léveillée-Lemay 6) MUA: Emilie Campbell Model: Marie-Pier O'Connor 7) MUA: Dominique Panneton Model: Cindy Piché Bernier 8) Virginie Tetrault Model: Audrey Cloutier 9) Marie-Michele Gagnon Model: Andréanne Martin 10) MUA: Patima MUA Model: Nel Moshetto

Watching these types of events at their inception, as they grow and get bigger is so thrilling, not only for the local Montreal body painting scene but as a staple of advancement in the east coast body painting industry. I look forward to next year's Canadian Body Painting Championship and perhaps be part of Marilyn Pellerin’s
vision by sponsoring the artists with PRIMAL® Colour Contact Lenses.

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