Lady Gaga Wears PRIMAL Contact Lenses For Halloween

Lady Gaga Wears PRIMAL Contact Lenses For Halloween


Let Lady Gaga and her dancers inspire your costume this Halloween! Put together a terrific disguise by starting off with the perfect pair of costume contact lenses.



Beautiful, eccentric, talented… Lady Gaga is the queen of disguise. Whether on stage or off, she’s often seen sporting extravagant attire that’s complemented by her ​coloured or uniquely patterned contact lenses.



A perfect example is her Joanne tour in October 2017. During her time in Montréal for a show at the Bell Centre, Lady Gaga and her dancers were spotted going bar-hopping Halloween night on Sainte-Catherine Street. The diva was dressed up in a superb Edward Scissorhands costume (from the famous Tim Burton film). The perfect finishing touch to her outfit: her choice of Primal’s Possessed model of contact lenses.







At the makeup artist’s request, Primal sent its top collection of costume and cosmetic contact lenses to everyone in Lady Gaga’s entourage. What else could we do?!


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