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No one can resist the powerful oceanic hues of bright aqua lenses, they completely elevate your style and create a striking effect of blueish-green natural hues that shine bright under the sun. The aquatic colors... More

No one can resist the powerful oceanic hues of bright aqua lenses, they completely elevate your style and create a striking effect of blueish-green natural hues that shine bright under the sun. The aquatic colors greatly add a dimension of depth and vibrant effect that you can’t mimic with any other colored lens.

The subtle aqua overtones can instantly give your eyes a refreshing look, creating a mesmerizing effect that will make others envy. Their ability to blend with most natural eye colors makes them incredibly versatile. Consider these an excellent choice if you want to create a stunning look while maintaining your natural beauty.

Primal aqua contacts offer unmatched color clarity and high-quality pigments during a sunny day on the beach, they’re perfect for enhancing your natural appeal and separating yourself from the crowd without seeming unreal. The subtle vibrant colors offer incredible versatility, allowing you to include these contacts in your everyday style to improve your everyday style.

Regardless of whether you have naturally light or dark eyes, using a pair of aqua contacts will enhance your natural eye color and give you that refreshing look while complementing your natural skin tone.

High-Quality Aqua Colored Contacts

PRIMAL® aqua contact lenses are more than just your regular colored contacts, it’s your ticket to giving your eyes a tranquil and soothing effect with crystal-clear vision. The vibrant color pigments truly make your eyes shine bright under the sun and ensure the color doesn’t fade away after a couple of uses.

Our contact lenses are created in accordance with international quality standards and are authorized to be sold in Canada, the USA, and many other countries. You can be assured that our contact lenses are safe to use throughout your busy day and will not cause any sort of irritation or discomfort. These lenses are oxygen permeable – meaning they’ll keep your eyes hydrated for more hours and avoid dry eye syndrome.

Furthermore, our creative colored contacts are also available in prescription versions to allow every customer to enjoy the fascinating oceanic hues with corrective lenses. There are plenty of creative multicolored contacts that you use to further highlight your natural color tones.

Natural Aqua Contact Lenses Are Popular

Aqua contact lenses are extremely popular among contact wearers because there isn’t another colored lens that can mimic the vibrant oceanic hues with a seamless natural blend. If you truly want to enhance your style without sacrificing your natural appeal or leaving your comfort zone, aqua contacts are exactly what you need.

These contacts create a stunning aquatic stare that will leave anyone surprised who catches a glimpse of your gaze. You can create an extremely gorgeous natural look that will complement your natural eye color and their versatile nature will help you create a captivating appearance.

Aqua lenses are one of the most realistic shades of contact for creating a mesmerizing effect that immediately draws attention to your eyes, allowing you to create a lasting impression on those around you.

Aqua Blue Contacts For Brown Eyes

Consider aqua contacts as one of the most realistic-looking pairs of contacts that you can use to change the color of your eyes, you will find yourself in love with how your eyes look with our semi-opaque aqua contacts.

Of course, choosing these lenses will allow you to not only keep the natural beauty of your eyes but further highlight your natural color tones. Plus, there are plenty of options for you to try on, which include subtle aqua contacts for a touch of vibrancy in your eyes or deep ocean contacts for a completely new style. Brown eyes already have a touch of warmth to them, and adding a cool and calming shade like aqua blue will create a beautiful contrast.


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My rd pair. So natural looking. Love them. My natural eyes are brown.

chris b. 

Pale blue eyes that are natural looking.

Dana K.

The quickest service I've ever had with internet purchase. The shipping was 24 hours, I had a mistake in my first order, they respond to my email 5 min after I send it and received the right order 24 hours after the email in my mailbox!
The lenses look natural, I will continue to buy them !

Marilou R. 

Absolutely love these contacts they last long , comfortable and easy to wear !! Highly recommend this size , for a more natural look !

Delila b.