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Blue contacts are a great way to change the color of your eyes to something you love. Contact lenses are a safe and convenient option for anyone wanting to try a new look. Blue contacts can help you stand ... More

Blue contacts are a great way to change the color of your eyes to something you love. Contact lenses are a safe and convenient option for anyone wanting to try a new look. Blue contacts can help you stand out in a crowd and make a statement. Whether you are looking for a new style for a special occasion or you just want to experiment with your look, blue contacts are a great choice.

We offer the best contact lenses that are completely safe, and our collection of blue contact lenses will provide you with a clearer vision than any regular contact lenses.

Aside from costume contacts, we do offer colored prescription contact lenses, which are perfect for not only changing your appearance but also improving your vision.

Blue contact lenses are more often used to enhance the look of your costume. Many fictional characters from anime and movies have bright blue eyes. It makes for a striking appearance.

If you have dark brown eyes like most people in the world, our collection of vibrant blue contact lenses will change the color of your eyes. And if you have different-colored natural eyes, we have options for that too.

Although most colored contacts are designed for people with dark brown eyes, not every shade of contact will look nice on the natural color of your eyes.

Whether you’re looking for a temporary change or a more permanent one, blue contact lenses are an excellent choice for anyone wanting to create a new look for themselves.

Blue is considered one of the most beautiful colors for the eyes. We have a wide variety of contact lenses with different shades of blue to enhance your natural eye color.

Blue Contacts work flawlessly on brown eyes, giving them a glamorous pop of color to make you stand out. We have a range of blue contact lenses for all skin tones and hair colors.

Blue contacts are also an inexpensive way to have that angelic look. They will cost you less than a new outfit and can be reused multiple times.

If you think blue eyes aren’t for you, scroll down to see whether or not blue contact lenses will look good on you.

High-Quality Blue Colored Contacts

We at Primal Contact Lenses work tirelessly to produce the highest quality contact lenses for our customers. All our products are certified and FDA-approved.

Our prescription-colored contact lenses are designed with comfort and convenience in mind. Not only are they good for long-term use, but they also provide clear vision.

All our costume contact lenses go through an extensive selection process before they are ready for production. Our experts carefully design specific character contacts to give you the look of your favorite character.

We prioritize quality and safety in our products, so you can rest assured that our contact lenses are safe to use with excellent results.

Although our contacts are designed for long-term use, it is important that you follow the proper guidelines while handling and cleaning each contact lens.

Cleaning the contact lenses with proper solutions and hygiene is a very important part of owning contact lenses. Please make sure to read about the proper use of contacts and follow the instructions that come along with your product.

Our Natural Blue Contacts Collection is available in a variety of color tones for you to choose from and spark your creativity. Check what we have to offer when it comes to design and quality:

  • One-tone blue contacts – Our one-tone blue contact lenses feature delicately textured blue shades with a subtly darker limbal ring in correlation with blue texture to make it appear seamless. Our Charm Sapphire offers a natural blue tint while enhancing the appeal of your natural eye color. 
  • Two-tone blue contacts – We offer various supernatural two-tone contact lenses of different colors that provide a powerful contrast with a more prominent limbal ring. These are the most popular choices among cosplayers. Our Enchanted Azure is precisely what you need for an elegant touch of blue.
  • Three-tone blue contacts – We also have highly detailed triple-tone contact lenses that feature a richly textured inner blue ring with two outer layers highlighting the different colors. Our specialty is creating unique costume contact lenses for all your needs.

We use a wide range of shades to create our multicolored blue lens designs to give our customers the opportunity to create a completely unique look.

Whether you’re creating a completely unique look or cosplaying as a character with incredibly mystical eyes, we have got you covered.

We offer lenses that are superior in quality and comfortable to wear. Our colored contact lenses offer a minimum of 90 days of usage with a 5-year shelf life.

So you can have confidence in their long-lasting performance if you clean them regularly and handle them with care.

Blue Contact Lenses are popular

Blue contact lenses are the most popular shade of colored contacts in our collection. Everyone is after the unique angelic look to create a different style for themselves.

Whether you want to bring out a completely different side of yourself or make a subtle change, blue contacts are the most attractive choice to bring out your inner self.

Blue lenses offer individuals a chance to transform their eyes into vibrant blues and bring out their inner beauty, and it’s not only that. Blue eyes make you seem younger and more attractive.

In addition to the obvious attractiveness, brighter shades of contacts will highlight your other stunning features as well, making it easy for people to admire your overall style.

Blue contact lenses provide support for both comfort and style. Our line of prescription blue contacts will not only make your eyes appear vibrant but also help clear your vision.

Blue contacts have been increasing in popularity over the recent years, and it’s no surprise why they’re a popular choice among people who want to express themselves in a fun and captivating way.

Blue-colored contacts can not only give you a captivating look but also blend well with the natural color of your eyes, which means you can use the same eye makeup and additional products around your eyes.

And if you’re against the whole eye makeup thing but still want a striking appearance, using colored contacts is the way to go.

Our blue contact lenses come in all shades and styles, so you can customize your look outfits to best showcase your style.

Something that makes the blue contacts unique is that you don’t need to put much effort into changing your appearance.

Blue contacts grow in popularity every day. With more people wanting to create a look or simply recreate a fictional character, there is no reason not to have a pair of blue contacts.

Blue Contacts for Halloween and Anime Cosplay

Costume-colored contacts are a great way to bring your fictional characters to life! Be it a superhero or any fantasy-themed costume, contact lenses make your outfit unique and boost your overall look, ultimately making you stand out from the rest.

Blue-colored contacts are the way to go if you want to prop up your costume and give it a powerful finishing touch!

Costume contact lenses are essential for anyone who wants to add extra dimensions of realism to their already captivating outfit. It also allows you to experiment with the overall look.

So, now that we’ve covered how using colored contacts will increase the appeal of your Halloween costume, you should check out our Costume Lenses Collection and browse the wide variety of contacts for your next costume.

Whether you are going with a look that requires the darkest eye or a light blue shade, we have contacts that are not only perfect for your cosplay but also safe for your vision.

Our list of Halloween contacts is specifically designed to help you achieve the character look that you are going for.

We understand a costume is incomplete without proper eye makeup. Our ice-blue contacts will add a touch of perfection and make your overall appearance look phenomenal.

Costume contacts are comfortable to wear and come in varying shades to give cosplayers plenty of variety to choose from! Have fun playing with different looks, and give yourself an unbelievably spooky flair for this Halloween season.

Whether you’re dressing up as royalty, a superhero, or a mythical creature, adding blue contacts will truly make you stand out from the crowd to create a memorable and mesmerizing look.

Our colored contact lenses come in a variety of different shades, so finding one that is right for the character you have chosen won’t be hard.

We also create prescription costume contacts to help you capture the essence of your favorite character.

Showing up to your next cosplay event equipped with blue contacts will surely leave a lasting impression and provide unique photo opportunities!

Why Buy Our Blue Contacts?

There is no denying blue eyes have a way of captivating people. The rich, vibrant colors highlight youthfulness and pair perfectly with beautiful blonde hair; the outcome is simply stunning.

Blue contacts are a great way to give yourself the looks of blue-eyed beauty without having to undergo surgery to change your natural eye color.

Blue contacts are perfect for anyone wanting to achieve a youthful look. They not only give you a striking appearance but also do a great job of highlighting your other natural features.

And if you’re wondering whether your natural eye color would be blue contact lenses, there is absolutely nothing to worry about. Most colored contacts are designed for people with natural dark brown/hazel eyes.

Perhaps you’re one of those lucky few people who are born with natural blue eyes, and you want to make your already gorgeous eyes more vibrant. Our high-quality products will work perfectly and enhance not only your appearance but also your vision.

For those wanting to change their look even further, we have a wide assortment of blue contact shades that you can choose from to bring out your inner self. Add some bright blue hues, or go with more subtle tones until you find the perfect blend.

While blue lenses are the most popular shade of contact lenses, they’re not for everyone. Blue lenses usually go well with an athletic physique, blonde hair, and tan skin.

Blue contacts can make you appear younger and more proactive. They give you an impeccable first impression and demand respect from those around you.

The simple convenience of being able to put them on and off whenever allows you to change your appearance in minutes for different occasions.

Blue contacts come in lots of colors and styles, so you can easily find something that will match your natural skin tone. So, don’t hesitate to add blue contacts to spruce up your wardrobe!


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''these contacts are seriously amazing and i would totally recommend them, i wore them for 7 hours at a convention 2 days in a row and my eyes barely hurt after and the vision in them was amazing, i am definitely buying from this brand again :)''

Elizabeth F.

These were amazing for a soft subtle effect nothing drastic. Very comfortable to wear. Always impressed by Primal’s contact.

Aaron T. 

I normally don't care for directional lenses like these because they often don't sit properly and get a little wonky after awhile, but these ones stayed perfectly in place - not sure if that was just good luck or good design, either way I really liked how they looked.

Fox H. 

Loved them. Super comfortable and really made the look.

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I LOVED these lenses. I could see out of them perfectly with really no problems. They felt comfortable enough for me to wear them all day. They arrived so quickly. I was very impressed. Thank you!

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