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Violet contact lenses are perfect for giving your eyes a subtle feminine touch with beautiful, soft, vivid hues. These lenses add a subtle pop of color to your eyes and offer a perfect alternative to lense... More

Violet contact lenses are perfect for giving your eyes a subtle feminine touch with beautiful, soft, vivid hues. These lenses add a subtle pop of color to your eyes and offer a perfect alternative to lenses with extremely vibrant effects. Violet contacts offer a desirable style; they allow you to quickly transform yourself with a subtle pinkish tint and create a lovely look.

There are many attractive variations of violet contact lenses that you can pair with your natural brown eyes to enhance your stunning style further. We offer contacts with varying opacities and intensities to allow you complete customization over your eyes, whether you want to create a powerful aesthetic with Costume Purple Contacts or subtle hues with gentle violet contacts.

The subtle pop of color is what you need to create a stunning appearance that’ll leave others staring in your direction, and the multicolored variations are perfect for experimenting with a new look. So, get yourself a pair of feminine violet contacts and show off your style.

High-Quality Violet Colored Contacts

PRIMAL® violet contacts are made in accordance with international safety standards, so you can be sure that our lenses are safe to wear beyond any doubt. Additionally, we offer superior color clarity through the quality of our materials, including prominent pigments that maintain their vibrancy even after several uses.

Forget ever feeling uncomfortable when you wear contact lenses; we offer oxygen-permeable contacts – meaning you can wear them without worrying about dry eye syndrome; your eyes will stay moist and healthy.

Health and safety are always the top priority; we recommend our customers follow the handling instructions and Lens Care guidelines to avoid unnecessary risks.

We also offer prescription violet contacts to ensure that everyone can enjoy the colorful effect of our natural contacts; many of our creative violet contacts are available with corrective lenses to help you create a new style.

Natural Violet Contact Lenses Are Popular

Violet contacts can be the perfect accessory to change one’s eye color; there are many things to love about violet contacts, including the subtle magical effect and empowering mystical hues that will make your eyes appear lovable.

Pairing these contacts with your natural eye colors is also a hassle-free task; the light tones of violet contacts create a mesmerizing blend with natural brown eyes so you can shine a bright color. Primal contact lenses are popular because they add a unique pop of color to your eyes and enhance the natural appeal.

These contacts are continually gaining popularity because they are perfect for giving yourself a mysterious and enchanting style, whether for a casual everyday look or a fashion event. You can’t have a more attractive yet enigmatic effect without using violet contacts, so be sure to include these in your style to give your eyes a stunning makeover.

Why Natural Violet Contact Lenses Are Perfect For You

Imagine looking in the mirror, and instead of seeing your dull brown eyes, you see striking violet eyes looking at you; this dream can become a reality with our natural violet lens collection. Our violet contacts seamlessly blend with your natural eye color and make them appear vibrant.

The enticing violet hues effortlessly complement a wide range of skin tones, hair colors, and outfits, allowing you to include them in your style and reflect your unique personality. We’ve got lenses for any occasion or style, from subtle and elegant to bold and dramatic.

Further, our violet contacts are designed to intensify the colors of your eyes. They are also available in various multicolored patterns, so you can find a shade that truly highlights the colors within your eyes. Said violet contacts create an intoxicating aesthetic that no one can resist.

These contacts are perfect for people who want to change their appearance and stand out. You further highlight the beauty of your lenses by doing makeup that emphasizes your eyes and compliments the violet hues.

Natural Violet Contacts For Brown Eyes

Violet contact lenses possess a transformative power that beautifully complements the natural warmth of brown eyes. If you have brown eyes and are seeking to create a captivating and mesmerizing look, Primal’s subtle violet contacts are perfect for you.

Our natural collection perfectly mimics the iris and creates a realistic blend, allowing you to prop up your style with a vibrant purple tint. Their subtlety lets you easily include them in your style without seeming unusual.

  • Our 2-tone contact lenses are considered the most popular among fashion enthusiasts, perfect for giving your eyes a glint of vibrancy and appearing magical. Try out Enchanted Lilac lens, which features a rich texture and deeply vivid bright purple accents.
  • 3-tone contact lenses are better left for experts and seasoned cosplayers. Primal’s Moonrise Lilac lenses offer an intense gradient of rich yellow textures around the pupil, highlighting the purple shades with blue accents as they extend to the outer ring.

Primal’s violet collection is available in many multi-tone designs that allow you to bring out your creativity and set yourself apart. The soft, enchanting hues complement a wide range of makeup looks, from mild and natural to bold and glamorous.

Additionally, violet contacts can be absolutely perfect for expressing yourself; they allow you to experiment with your look and showcase your individuality.

Why Buy PRIMAL Natural Violet Contact Lenses?

If you want to elevate your style with a feminine touch and dive into the world of artificial lenses, violet contacts are the perfect accessory for you. Their gentle hue gives you a mesmerizing gaze that exudes allure and charm.

Our violet contacts are designed to offer a seamless transformation; their ability to effortlessly enhance your natural eye color with vibrant violet hues makes them unique. Primal’s natural collection is meticulously designed to mimic the iris so they appear completely natural.

At Primal, we believe that beauty should never be at the expense of comfort; we prioritize your eye health and safety to ensure a secure customer experience. Additionally, our lenses are highly oxygen-permeable to prevent dryness and promote long-term use.

The wide selection of our creative multi-tone contacts is perfect for several occasions, regardless of whether you want to add a subtle hint of color or completely change the color of your eyes. Our collection offers a range of mesmerizing options to suit your unique style. All you have to do is slip them on and let the magic unfold.

At Primal, we take pride in being one of the leading manufacturers of colored contact lenses. We believe in constantly pushing the boundaries of our craft, which is why we collaborate with industry-leading experts and influential makeup artists (MUAs) to showcase the excellence that goes into every pair of our lenses.

Choosing Primal Contact Lenses means trusting a brand that offers unparalleled quality, durability, comfort, and visual clarity. Experience the difference that comes from our unwavering commitment to excellence.


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Our Clients loves the Quality and Comfort of our lenses.

My rd pair. So natural looking. Love them. My natural eyes are brown.

chris b. 

Pale blue eyes that are natural looking.

Dana K.

The quickest service I've ever had with internet purchase. The shipping was 24 hours, I had a mistake in my first order, they respond to my email 5 min after I send it and received the right order 24 hours after the email in my mailbox!
The lenses look natural, I will continue to buy them !

Marilou R. 

Absolutely love these contacts they last long , comfortable and easy to wear !! Highly recommend this size , for a more natural look !

Delila b.