Matt Goodlett

"Finding beauty in chaos or the macabre is where I draw a lot of my inspiration. Adding elements from sometimes unlikely sources to help make a beautiful image is what I thrive on. Music, art and movies and how they make me feel can be huge source of inspiration. Turning those ideas around and creating the images can be a huge release.

Ever since I can remember I have been interested in art in some way shape or form. From drawing Ninja Turtles and Batman when I was a kid to where I am now. By the time I graduated high school I was in eleven different schools. Art was my only constant and I found it to be a good way to make friends. Art turned from just being a two dimensional art form to theatrical arts. Looking back, being the only male actor in the drama department that could apply makeup should have told me something.

The first makeup I did was zombie-themed. I watched my friend who worked with special effects makeup and liked how it was almost like painting. Using brushes and painting was something I was familiar with but this was creating art on a face. After years of doing just zombie makeup for different events around town I worked with another makeup artist who showed me how creative other types of makeup could be, and with that I was off.

From simple beauty, body paint, avant-garde, fashion, runway to special effects I love it all. Working with photographers and models and helping them create their vision and when asked to, giving my own creative input is very enjoyable. In the past I have worked on several fashion shows, stage plays, and movies. I have done demonstrations for EBA Performance Makeup, Woochie, and theThe Kentucky Derby Festival, Louisville Halloween among others. I am also the makeup and special effects manager for the Devil's Attic Haunted House.

As an artist I strive to create pieces that intrigue and inspire."