FAQ - How can I choose which natural coloured contact lenses will work best with my eye colour?

Our natural coloured contact lenses are designed to offer a range of natural appearing eye colour enhancements from a delicate to intense change that bring your eyes to the forefront of your looks. Choosing the right coloured contacts for your natural eye colour is now a lot easier thanks to our contact lens design product pages which feature real examples on real eyes. 

Some of our designs will enhance your natural eye color with our line of translucent and semi-translucent contact lenses. This collection allows the wearer to achieve a bright and natural look, while adding depth and detail. The colours are blended and layered in such a way as to imitate the iris as accurately as possible. This also means that the contacts contain some transparent sections where your natural eye colour shines through.

Elevate your natural eye color from our line of semi-opaque contact lenses. Using natural colours and vivid patterns to widen eyes, this allows the wearer to achieve a more bold and brighter look .

Intensify your natural eye color from our line of opaque contact lenses. This allows the wearer to achieve a dramatic and striking appearance . The opaque pigments offer you a dramatic look which covers your natural eye colour.

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