Our shades of grey

Our shades of grey

It's the February appointment for three years now; Anastasia and Christian are back for Fifty new shades of Grey!

The last installment of this dramatic-erotic-romantic saga adapted from the novels of E. L. James is entitled “Fifty Shades Freed” and will see the newly married Mr. and Mrs. Grey facing new dangers.

What dangers? You’ll have to find out for yourself in the Cinema. At Primal, we can help you look Fifty Nuance of Grey with our range of Ash cosmetic lenses!


Pure Ash

With our PURE ASH lenses, your look will be deep pure ash grey and it won’t go unnoticed.


 Delightful Ash

Give charm to your eyes with our DELIGHTFUL ASH lenses. This is an ash grey that will hypnotize all those who meet your eyes.


Moonrise Ash

Let the moonrise reflect in your eyes with MOONRISE ASH lenses.


Starlight Ash

Our STARLIGHT ASH lenses combine the glowing light of stars and ash grey to give you a deeply sparkling glow!


Sunrise Ash

With SUNRISE Ash lenses, let the firmament illuminate your eyes with a beautiful and pure grey colour ! The highlight of the show will surely be this sunrise that will illuminate your irises.

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