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Rinnegan Contact Lenses

Rinnegan Cosplay Contacts

Rinnegan is easily the strongest visual prowess in the entirety of the Naruto series. Their design is aesthetically pleasing, and the circular patterns encompass the immense power they hold, the six concentric circles give it a unique and otherworldly appearance, which makes it a popular choice among cosplayers. Browse our Rinnegan Contacts Collection and discover other circular designed patterns for your Naruto cosplay.

Aside from the mesmerizing design and color appeal; cosplayers gravitate toward these lenses because they symbolize power and authority. You can always find a way to include these lenses in your cosplays; whether you’re cosplaying as Sasuke Uchiha, Madara Uchiha, Pain, or one of the aliens from other worlds.

There are many styles to go with if you want to incorporate these purple lenses into your cosplay, you can dress up as a number of characters and create a hybrid style with your own unique twist.

Overall, the Rinnegan is a very popular eye design among cosplayers for its association with power and cosmic gaze. Besides, there is immense respect within the Naruto community for cosplayers choosing these Rinnegan lenses for their cosplay, and a good way to make a name for yourself in the community. Other things you can do to perfect the cosplay are to keep a confident and commanding demeanor and focus on facial expressions and hand signs.

Browse our range of otherworldly purple contacts with creative patterns for your next Naruto cosplay:

  • PRIMAL ® - Rinnegan
  • PRIMAL ® - Hypnotized
  • Sharingan Contact Lenses

    Sharingan Cosplay Contacts

    Sharingan is one of the most iconic eye designs in the entirety of anime and manga, everyone in the anime fandom will instantly recognize these eyes whether they’re a fan of the series or not. The Sharingan’s bright red texture with three black tomoe gives it a striking and otherwordly appearance; perfect for an incredible cosplay. Aside from their visual appearance, these eyes are a sign of power and authority even among cosplayers. Browse our captivating Sharingan Collection and find your favorite pair of red-eyed contacts for your Naruto cosplay.

    In addition to its aesthetic appeal, Sharingan is also known for its powerful abilities including the ability to mimic any jutsu the user sees once, the ability to see through a genjutsu, and perceive the world in slow motion as the user learns to control it better. This makes the Sharingan lenses a very desirable accessory for cosplayers.

    There are many different styles you can go with if you want to show off your Sharingan eyes, cosplayers can either choose to cosplay as Sasuke, Kakashi, Itachi, or even Madara with a unique twist of their own if they’re talented. Focusing on makeup around the eyes is another way to emphasize those red eyes. I.e., you could use dark eyeliner to bring your style close to an Akatsuki member.

    When showing off your Sharingan eyes, it’s important to capture the power and potential they represent. Cosplayers can focus on their outfits and accessories; wear a black and red-themed outfit to match your eyes. Cosplayers can also adopt some behavioral qualities such as posing confidently.

    Browse our collection of incredible sharp red contact lenses with detailed patterns for your Uchiha cosplay:

  • PRIMAL ® - Sharingan
  • PRIMAL ® - Blood Eyes
  • PRIMAL ® - Evil Eyes
  • Itachi Uchiha’s Mangekyou Sharingan

    Itachi Uchiha Mangekyou Sharingan

    Itachi Uchiha is one of the most beloved characters in the Naruto universe, and the cosplay community loves to praise him and honor his sacrifice by cosplaying him with their own unique twists. Itachi Uchiha was the first character in the series who unlocked his Mangekyou Sharingan to show off the incredibly immense capabilities of those eyes. His eyes also changed appearance later in the new installment when he inserted Shishui’s eyes. Browse our captivating Mangekyou Sharingan Collection and find your favorite pair of red-eyed contacts for your Naruto cosplay.

    His appearance and style make him appeal to a large contingent of cosplayers around the world, the red and black colors blend incredibly well and allow for some amazing looks. He is a tall man with a slender figure, middle-split black hair, and dark (natural) eyes. Part of the reason why cosplayers love to go with Itachi’s Mangekyou Sharingan is that he was the first character who showcased the monstrosity known as Susano and Amaterasu.

    Most cosplayers understand that a cosplay of Itachi Uchiha is incomplete without a pair of his iconic Mangekyou Sharingan. Contacts can make any cosplay more amazing and realistic, that’s why our lenses are designed to perfectly mimic the original patterns of his eyes.

    Our collection of Naruto Uzumaki contact lenses are here to help you achieve the ultimate shinobi style, and wow everyone. Browse our collection and find your favorite pair.

  • PRIMAL ® - Itachi Uchiha
  • PRIMAL ® - Sharingan
  • PRIMAL ® - Dracula I
  • Naruto Uzumaki Cosplay Contacts

    Naruto Uzumaki Blue Contact Lenses

    Naruto Uzumaki’s blue eyes are one of his most striking features; his eyes are shimmering blue with color and sparkle with youthful energy and enthusiasm. His eyes are very expressive and truly show his emotions whether he’s sad and down or enthusiastic about the adventure ahead. His blue eyes are often associated with his personality traits of innocence, kindness, and determination. He fights to protect, and nothing can ever blow out the fire in his heart. Browse our Naruto Uzumaki collection and recreate the ultimate Naruto cosplay.

    His legendary orange tracksuit is a hallmark of being a Naruto fan among cosplayers, combine it with his gleaming blue eyes; it truly reflects his optimistic and brave personality. He carries pride in his words and does whatever he can to live up to his expectations for himself.

    However, aside from his usual look, you’ll find a lot of variations done by some amazing cosplayers and even some gender-bender cosplayers because who doesn't love those? The versatility among expert cosplayers allows newbies to gear up and show off their own unique style.

    Overall, Naruto Uzumaki is a very popular cosplay character because of his appealing physical appearance, his positive personality traits, and his iconic clothing and style. For any cosplayer who wants to truly capture the essence of his character, it’s important to pay attention to small details like his hairstyle, facial expressions, and definitely a pair of shimmering blue contacts.

    Our collection of Naruto cosplay contacts is here to help you achieve the ultimate realistic style, and wow everyone around you. Browse our collection and find your favorite pair.

  • PRIMAL ® - Super Hero
  • PRIMAL ® - Wonderland
  • PRIMAL ® - Enchanted Azure

    Byakugan Cosplay Contacts

    Hinata Hyuga Byakugan Contact Lenses

    Hinata Hyuga’s byakugan is the most popular choice for contact lenses among female cosplayers within the Naruto community. They are pale lavender color with no pupils that create an otherworldly appeal that most cosplayers gravitate towards. Needless to say, these eyes are absolutely beautiful; they are large and expressive and always seem to appear almost ethereal so you always stand out in the crowd. Browse our desirable, and mesmerizing Byakugan Collection and find your favorite pair of featureless white or lavender contacts for your Naruto cosplay.

    Cosplayers are drawn to these for their unique appearance and their aesthetic beauty, not to mention Hinata is the fan-favorite girl in the entire series; so any cosplay of her is bound to get love and attention from the fans. Additionally, you’ll find plenty of variations among individual cosplayers; many try to recreate the actual recreator but there are others who try to add a personal twist to her character.

    Most professional cosplayers try to give her a cheerful and rowdy personality as opposed to her timid and meek nature. Most new cosplayers are drawn to her character because she has always pushed herself to the limit, and despite being so weak she decided to fight for her future. Hinata is also a symbol of hope and inspiration; she’s a reminder that even shy and timid people can be incredibly strong and capable and that resonates with many new cosplayers around the world.

    Our special lavender-colored Hinata Hyuga contact lenses will give you the best results in capturing the true essence of her character:

  • PRIMAL ® - Hinata Hyuga
  • PRIMAL ® - Sub Zero
  • PRIMAL ® - White Mini Sclera
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