Everything about the Red Eyes Party movement

Everything about the Red Eyes Party movement

Red Eyes Parties have come to Canada. At these gatherings, everyone dresses up around the same central theme: red eyes!

The origins of the movement remain a mystery. This new trend draws on ancestral rites and obscure religious ceremonies and is a common theme for initiation rituals at American universities.

Some people even suggest that there’s a link between “Red Eyes Parties” and the legalisation of cannabis in Canada, set to occur on October 17, 2018.

“Red eyes” have, in fact, become synonymous with marijuana consumption. The THC in the plant is known for decreasing your blood pressure because it causes your blood vessels to dilate. The result: an increased amount of blood in your ocular capillaries, giving your eyes that reddish tinge.

So, in short, red eyes are clearly what’s hot right now! Party-goers dress up in costume, put on makeup and wear either red or red-patterned contact lenses. Cosplay enthusiasts are loving it!

Facebook and Instagram are already overflowing with hundreds of thousands of publications listed under the hashtags #redeyes and #redeyesparty.


There you can see people dressed up as Lucifer, the Terminator, Nemo, vampires, zombies and various manga characters. Some are so passionate about these theme nights that they spend who-knows-how-many hours putting their costumes together!

Are you looking for an original theme for your Halloween night? It’s time to see red with the Red Eyes Party movement!










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