Chainsaw Man Cosplay Contacts That You Want For Your Cosplay

Chainsaw Man Cosplay Contacts That You Want For Your Cosplay

Power Cosplay Contacts


Power has one of the most enticing eyes in all of anime; her demonic eyes reflect her wild and untamed nature. Despite her appearance as a human, she’s a devil who cares very little about human lives, although she has a fondness for animals and cares deeply for them. Her behavior is similar to a cat she once adopted; however, unlike a cat, she is always energetic and looking for fun things to do. Browse our Power Contacts collection to find a pair of spooky lenses for Halloween and cosplay.

You can always tell by her eyes when she gets hungry for blood or wants the excitement of battle; she’s always the one who never waits for a plan and charges head first without thinking (it’s almost surprising how she manages to stay alive).

Although she is very selfish, she shows compassion toward her fellow squad members and her pets. She is very happy to be included in things by the people she cares about, it’s one of those rare moments when she smiles and her eyes sparkle.

One of her fun qualities is that loves to dress up rough like a tomboy, wearing a jacket, fold-up pants, half tucked-in shirt, it’s almost like she does it on purpose. She’s most interested in trying to show others how superior she is compared to them.

Have a look at our spooky orange-yellow contacts you can include in your Power cosplay:

  • PRIMAL ® - Power
  • PRIMAL ® - Sith
  • PRIMAL ® - Pennywise
  • Makima Cosplay Contacts


    Makima’s demonic eyes are piercing and intimidating, she has a cold stare but is also gentle at times. She’s clearly a master manipulator with her tactics; she can lie with a straight face and even the higher-ups aren’t clear of her motives. Her eyes make her difficult to read, it’s almost as if you can’t believe even what’s happening before your eyes. Browse our Makima Contacts collection to find a  set of demonic lenses for your next Chainsaw Man cosplay.

    When she stares at you with her demonic eyes, it’s almost as if she’s staring right into your soul. Sensing your weaknesses and desires, and she’s not hesitant to use them against you, her eyes are a constant reminder of power and her control over others around her.

    She’s a complex character to some degree, she’s more often mysterious and nonchalant about everything that goes on, almost as if it doesn’t bother her as long as her goal is accomplished. It’s impossible to tell what she is truly thinking or feeling because she hides it behind a mask.

    Her intimidating aura and calm demeanor separate her from other safety division officers, she is calm and precise with her instructions and cares about her team. Her manipulative nature is quite evident in her relationship with Denji, she uses his desires to control him and make him do her bidding in exchange for love and affection. It’s still very unclear whether she cares about him or not.

    Browse our wide selection of spooky demon orange-yellow contacts to create an intimidating Chainsaw Man cosplay for your next big cosplay:

  • PRIMAL ® - Makima
  • PRIMAL ® - Jurassic I
  • PRIMAL ® - Villain
  • Aki Hayakawa Cosplay Contacts


    Aki has deep blue oceanic eyes, and his stare is sharp enough to pierce your soul. He’s a serious person who doesn’t waste time doing anything that doesn’t further his desire for revenge; his eyes perfectly reflect his determination, resolve, and unwavering focus. These are the eyes of a man who is driven to avenge his family no matter the cost. Browse our ever-expanding collection Aki Hayakawa collection to find a set of steel blue lenses for your next Chainsaw Man cosplay.

    Aki is always the one thinking about the plan instead of charging in head first without thinking, his eyes are consistently assessing the situations and looking for potential threats to keep everyone safe. Even in the most dire circumstances, he maintains his cold demeanor and stares death in the eye with a flat expression on his face.

    He may seem cold and distant because he only interacts with others if it relates to the mission, but he carries a heavy load of being a leader and keeping his division safe. He understands that not being attentive can be dangerous.

    Aki’s dark blue eyes are very striking, they are deep and intense ocean blue, which perfectly goes with his sharp sense of style. His eyes are definitely a strong element of his straightforward character.

    Browse our wide selection of spooky demon orange-yellow contacts to create an intimidating Chainsaw Man cosplay for your next big cosplay:

  • PRIMAL ® - Super Hero
  • PRIMAL ® - Wonderland
  • PRIMAL ® - Piranha I
  • Denji Cosplay Contacts


    Denji is the protagonist of the notorious Chainsaw Man series, he has sharp, brown deep, and mysterious eyes. You can always see the subtle sadness in his eyes and how hard he tries to smile despite all that happened to him. There are times when his eyes shine when he’s enjoying his meal or taking on missions. Denji’s eyes are a soft and gentle representation of his compassionate nature, he deeply cares care about people and is always willing to risk his life for the sake of others. Browse our ever-expanding collection Denji Contacts collection to find a set of sharp brown lenses for your next Chainsaw Man cosplay.

    Unlike most half-devils in the Public Safety Division 4, Denji is the one who never loses his humanity even in the most ferocious state of his devil form. Although he can be cold and distant at times, his unwavering kindness and compassion are always evident in his eyes.

    He’s a heroic character who is currently in the development phase, it’s always an adventure to see what he does next. The complexity of his character grows with each development arc and soon he’ll come to a crossroads about choosing his path.

    His innocent eyes show when he is conflicted by emotions and all the dark times he went through; although his most amazing quality is his ability to move on and start anew.

    Browse our wide selection of realistic brown contacts to bring a bit of color to your eyes and bring your cosplay to life:

  • PRIMAL ® - Twilight Hazel
  • PRIMAL ® - Delightful Honey
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