5 Halloween Movies to Inspire your Costume

5 Halloween Movies to Inspire your Costume

Here are five must-see movies to watch in honour of Halloween 2018. These horror flicks will get you in the mood and give you all the inspiration you need to create yourself a spectacular costume for this Halloween.

These are the top five scary movies for all you fans of zombies, werewolves, vampires and other things that go bump in the night. Do you have what it takes to watch them all?!


1. It



If you’ve always found the costumes and makeup that clowns wear to be creepy or unnatural, then this is the movie for you. The film is based off of a novel by Stephen King, the uncontested king of horror.

It tells the story of an ancient evil entity that awakens every 27 years to feed on children before returning to its sleep… until next time.

The villain, Pennywise, loves to take the form of a clown since it makes it easier for him to attract children for his next meal.


2. Dawn of the Dead



When it comes to zombies, there’s no end of movies to choose from. But we’d definitely recommend Dawn of the Dead – without a moment’s hesitation – especially if you also like to shop.

In fact, most of the movie takes place in a shopping mall. There, a handful of survivors have taken refuge after a worldwide invasion by the living dead. These zombies are fast, healthy and hungry, and they’re out to cause human beings a world of pain.

Two scenes are particularly enthralling: when the baby zombie is born and the zombie fighters’ bus chase. But the final twist is what’ll scare you the most…


3. Event Horizon



If you like sci-fi horror movies, then this one is an absolute must-see. Event Horizon is a dark and twisted film that’ll make your imagination run wild.

Event Horizon is the name of an experimental spaceship that disappeared during a test involving black holes. When the ship mysteriously reappears, the crew of a rescue ship flies to its aid. Once onboard, the astronauts begin to experience nightmarish visions that lead to their ultimate demise. Any idea where the Event Horizon has been?

What makes this such a great horror movie is the series of very short and harrowing snippets which flash by without warning. These terrifying images may only last a fraction of a second, but they’ll haunt you for the rest of the night!



4. Cursed



Did someone say a full moon, fur and razor-sharp claws? Sounds like the perfect werewolf movie to us!

Cursed is a thriller-style horror film starring three teenagers. Their fate takes an unexpected turn when their car runs into a werewolf. The beast scratches them, and that’s all it takes for them to be doomed by its curse – even the dog! They need to find out who this werewolf is before it’s too late!

Cursed is an edgy werewolf movie that gives a modern twist to the classic werewolf legend.



5. Interview with the vampire



Vampires are always one of the most popular Halloween creatures, and there’s certainly no end of choice out there for this movie genre. But what would you say to a film starring Brad Pitt, Tom Cruise, Kirsten Dunst, Antonio Banderas and Christian Slater?

This story is about a journalist interviewing a vampire who’s several centuries old. The vampire recounts his memories, sharing his entire life story with him: how he became a vampire, the rules you have to follow, which ones he has broken, and his various adventures and misadventures over the years…

Interview with the Vampire is a great classic in the genre. The costumes and sets are elaborately created to reflect the times. And since the film takes place as an interview with a journalist, it’s almost like an educational tool about what it means to be a vampire!


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