C O M I C  C O N

Primal Coloured Contact Lenses is a Canadian Based company manufacturing high quality Cosmetic and Costume contact lenses. We distribute our product all around the world from Canada and USA, Central and South America, Europe, Middle East, Australia and much more! We are the designers and the manufacturer. Our lenses are Health Canada, FDA, and CE approved.


Special Partnership with

Comic Con

Working with Primal is a guarantee to have EXCLUSIVE DESIGNS every year following the trends in special FX, the movie and television industries, artist inspirations. Our collection is UNIQUE! Check out our 100+ styles and the many more that are coming! Working with Primal is to be part of a community dedicated to supporting make-up artist worldwide, their ideas and their projects. Working with Primal will give you the chance to take advantage of our worldwide exposure through our clients, B2B and B2C, and our social media (FB, Instagram, Twitter...etc).


"Montreal Comiccon is a pop-culture fan convention that showcases artists and products from entertainment genres like: Sci-fi, Horror, Anime, Gaming in all its forms, and, of course, bande dessinée and comic books. It features a large array of exhibits with several companies demonstrating their wares and a few vehicles or set pieces from film or television are on display, a shopping experience like no other, aimed at fans that are looking for games, T-Shirts, comics, toys, statues, DVDs/Blu-rays, replicas and more collector items." (...) 



"Quebec City Comiccon was launched in 2014. This fast-growing event attracted over 10,000 visitors in 2018. Comiccon is an event dedicated to pop culture; it takes the form of a fan convention with multi-genre content, with focus on comic books, sci-fi, horror, manga/anime, toys, movies, video games and the broaden pop culture and entertainment worlds." (...)



"Located in the Metro Toronto Convention Centre, the show boasts unique exhibitors, presentations, workshops, and many celebrity guests." (...) 



"Everyone is a fan of something, and FAN EXPO Vancouver is a place to celebrate all things pop culture. Get an autograph or a photo with your favourite guest and get the inside scoop about your favorite movies & TV shows at our celebrity panels!" (...)