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Primal Contact Lenses

PRIMAL® Starlight Ash - Grey Colored contact lenses

PRIMAL® Starlight Ash - Grey Colored contact lenses

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STARLIGHT ASH circle lenses blend in with your natural eye colour offering a subtle change. It features a semi-translucent gradient of light brown from the center highlighting the pupil and an ashy blue/grey throughout. It enhances your natural eye colour and brings a focus to your eyes by adding a dark brown outer ring. Ideal on light coloured eyes.

On natural light eyes, these colored contacts add incredible depth, with a marked contrast between the grey tones of the iris and the dark outer limbal ring.

On natural dark eyes, the intricately textured aspect of the STARLIGHT ASH circle lenses really comes through.

Technical Information

Item no.: 507
Iris Effect:
Color: 3 tones
Occasion: Everyday & Evening
Refractive Power: Plano
Sizing/Fitting: Diameter 14.5 mm / Base Curve 8.8 mm 
Packaging: 2 lenses per box 
Usage/Wear: 5 years shelf life / 90 days usage
Material: 62% Polymacon / 38% Water
GTIN-12 (UPC) : 628153225073

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