The Celestial collection is semi-translucent and focuses on soft natural colors that blend beautifully with any eye color.

Subtle flecks of color and texture beam throughout the iris.  Combined with the soft outer limbal ring, this collection creates a stunningly natural look.

$34.95 CAD
The Sunset collection is semi-opaque and features a superb balance of color and detail that blend naturally on any eye color. 

A light outer limbal ring streaks throughout the iris.  Combined with rays of light black texture, this collection will match your eye color perfectly and is suitable for everyday wear.

$34.95 CAD
The Twilight collection is semi-translucent and plays with bright colors that blend perfectly with natural brown eyes.

Subtle flecks of black texture create a soft and natural outer limbal ring.  Combined with the tiny specks of black throughout the iris, this collection will enhance and highlight you natural eye color.

$34.95 CAD
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